Explain background of Iqbal's Presidential Address.

  • Allama Iqbal’s Presidential Address
    Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal:
    Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal ranks amongst the Muslim intellectuals who left a deep impact on history. He inspired the Muslims of the Sub-continent and beyond. He infused a moving spirit and identity in the Indian Muslims. He presented a framework of their political future and talked how that would help to achieve the goal of Ummah. He presented a vision and dream in his Allahabad Address.
    The Hindu-Muslim question had great importance and stood crucial to British Indian history after 1857, especially in the 20th century. To Muslims, the key issue remained is "separate identity . They tried their level best to make the rival nations understand that the Muslims are a separate nation, having different culture and civilisation interests and rights. The Two Nations theory couldn’t fascinate the Hindus and the British peoples because they believed in “territorial nationalism”. The Hindus desired to absorb them in their majority but they couldn’t face the arguments of the Muslim intellectuals. By 1930, Muslims had developed a sense of identity and political demands. Iqbal delivered his presidential Address in this background.
    Iqbal’s stay in Europe, 1905-08, helped to crystallize his thoughts. He returned to India in 1908 and started work on the roots of Muslim decline and the mechanism to uplift the Muslims. He reminded them to follow the teachings of the Holy Prophet(PBUH) practically as the ideal leader. He emphasized on the ideals, teachings and principles of Islam. He sought salvation through Islam.
    Social positions:
    He was awarded with many prominent social positions like

    • Title of Sir was conferred in 1922
    • Member of Punjab Legislative Council (1927-1930)

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