What were the reasons behind failure of war of independence?

  • Reasons behind failure of war of independence
    Following are the main reasons behind the failure of war of independence:
    1) Limited Rebellion:

    • Area of revolt remained limited
    • Even complete North Indian didn’t part in it.
    • It was limited by some neighborly territories.
      2) Better equipped Britishers:
    • The British had better resources than the rebels.
    • Gradually, the English army had a lot of resources.
    • The telegraph proved very much useful for the English.
      3) The native ruler’s “Misgivings”:
    • Many native rulers were with the British.
    • The rulers of Patilia, Jinol, Hyderabad, etc supported the British at all.
      4) Opposition from Intelligentsia:
    • The Indian intelligentsia didn’t support the rebels.
    • The revolt could neither be organised nor fed on intellegentual and emotional ground.
      5) Lacking of strategy:
    • Primary source of the failure of the war is planned efforts.
    • Absence of central organisation and inferiority in general ship, military skills, strategy and discipline of rebel as compared to the Britishers.
      6) Lack of leadership:
    • Absence of capable leaders
    • None of the leader are capable and good commanders.
    • There is no one in those leaders who are willing to guide their people in good direction.
      7) Diplomacy of English:
      *The Britishers succeeded through their good leadership and well trained army. And well trained military commanders like Neil, Nicoloson, Havelock and Huge Rose.
    • The diplomatic skills of the British were also responsible for thier success.

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