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What are the military causes of war of independence?

  • 4) Military causes
    1) Ill treatment of Indian soldiers:
    Indian soldiers were ill treated, poorly fed and badly housed. Didn’t bother about their sentiments and didn’t allow to keep beard, wear turbans, etc.
    2) Lower salaries:
    Indian soldiers were paid 8 times less salaries than British soldiers.
    3) Deprivation of allowances:
    British empire was spread across the nation and soldiers had to serve in areas away from their homes without extra payment and additional Bhatta(foreign service allowance). Free post facility for Sepoys was also taken off.
    4) Less chances of promotion:
    All higher posts were reserved for British( irrespective of their performances). Indian soldiers had thin chances of promotion. They couldn’t go above the post of Subedar. With promotions, the future of Indian soldiers was bleak(miserable).
    5) General service enlistment act:
    It was considered as Taboo for Brahmin to cross the sea. In spite of that British sent Indians overseas on duty. Didn’t bother about the sentiments.
    6) Larger Indian proportion:
    In 1856, 238000 Indian soldiers worked in British army as compared to 45,322 British soldiers.
    7 ) Faculty distribution of troops:
    Strategic important places like Delhi and Allahabad had no British armies and was held by only Indian soldiers. When England was bust in fighting wars outside Indian soldiers decided to strike British.
    😎 Poor performance of British troops:
    Without support of Indian soldiers, British army was weak. This fact was realized by Indian soldiers. Also in various other wars, British had to face defeat, this broke the myth that British were invincible.

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