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  • Naran may be a medium sized town situated in upper kaghan valley which may be a a part of Khyber Pakhtun khwa province of Pakistan. it’s one among the foremost beautiful a part of northern areas in pakistan which is elevated 2500 meters above water level . Its beauty captures tons of individuals towards itself and thus it’s a famous resort for tourists and trekkers. The weather of Naran is extremely cold. The ice on the moutain tops never melts, even in months of June and Jully there are glaciers and mountains are covered with snow.

    The road to naran valley travells alongside with River Kunhar which Starts from the glaciers of Kaghan and flow at heart in mansehra. The local languages of Naran Valley are Hindko and Gojri but every individual overthere can speak and understand urdu. The dress is Shalwar kameez with long bottom shalwars. Most of the people are tall. Average height of males was about 5”8’ or 5”9’.

    The Inhabitant of Naran Valley are basically Gujars and that i found them very generous and good natured. They welcome the tourists very nicely and treats them like their own friends.Their main source of income is that the tourists and their occupations include tour guides, resthouse managers, shop keepers, restaurant workers, jeep drivers, a number of them also grow crops and a few of them are shepherds. But their whole fortune is simply gathered up within the summer season as in winters the entire area is roofed up in snow and that they need to move right down to mansehra or another hoter place. For that reason the costs over there are bit higher. for instance the worth of 100 rupee mobile card is about 107 up there. But i feel that’s fair enough as they this source of income only for limited time.

    Women are housewifes mostly stays reception . I found just one govt grade school where a number of the local’s children went for studying. Beside that there was no system of education overthere. Mostly teenagers were working as travel guides and shopkeepers alongwith their fathers or uncles etc.

    The main items of Naran valley are dry fruits and Handicrafts. one among the handicrafts you ought to buy are the artistically carved Walnuts and another famous thing is that the Namdas, the woolen felt rugs while woolen shawls, embroidered shawls and shirts also are avalibale.These places have cottage industries running and you’ll end up having excellent bargains. handcrafted articles are displaced within the shops at the most market.

    Naran also features a small bazaar like Murree mall road. the essential necessities of life are readily available at there. Cellular networks, mobile shopes, bakery, country store , tailors and even barbers are available within the main bazar. it’s over 100 hotels of varied types starting from high-end luxury hotels to very low priced motels. Tent motels also are present which rent family size tents to tourists to remain in.

    River Kunhar passes through the town. Some hotels are situated at the banks of the river. in the dark you’ll hear the sound of water flowing and colliding with the stones. That sound gives an excellent pleasure. At day time Poeple enjoy fishing in river. Some peple just sit back the river and put their feet under the cool water. you’ll feel dark in Naran valley in afternoon because these high mountains will stops sun light to succeed in within the valley.

    Saifulmalook is is situated 8 kilometers north of Naran. It takes 1 hour to succeed in saiful malook from Naran. One can find tons of 4×4 jeeps at the outskirts of town. These jeeps takes the tourists from Naran valley to Saiful Malook. because the road upthere is extremely rough and therefore the re are glaciers all the high so only those jeeps and the local drivers can take you up therePeople hire those jeeps and visit Saiful Malook along side their families. Some people prefer trekking over riding the jeep, specialy the kids which trek up to Saiful Malook. There are restaurants and shops located at Saiful Malook aswell. People enjoy horse riding at there.

    Saiful malook may be a lake which is situated within the midle of mountains, which throughout the year are covered with snow. one among the renowned mountains is Malika Parbat which is placed on the left of the jheel.Saifulmalook is known as after a folk tale. it’s the story of the prince of Persia who fell crazy with a fairy princess at the lake. The impact of the lake beauty is of such extent that folks believe that fairies come right down to lake fully moon. the color of water is blue and it’s crystal clear. a private cannot put his feet thereunder for more then 30 seconds.

    Ansu is tear shaped high altitude lake situated adjacent to Malika Parbat. It are often reached via 11 km trail starting at Saif-ul-Malook. Lake remains accessible from early May till late December, with deteriorating weather making it difficult at start and end of season.

    Lalazar may be a plateau once known for beautiful wild flowers and soothing pine forests. Though recently cultivation of potato and other corps declined the natural beauty, but still enchanting view of Malika Parbnat lush meadows make it a requirement visit. Lalazar are often reached through a muddy jeep track of 1 hour ranging from Battakundi. Some people prefer trekking over riding the jeep. One famous, moderate trek ranging from Lake Saif ul Malook through picturesque Hans Gali ends at Lalazar

    One thing that i discourage that place is that our elders tells us that if we go 20 30 years back,this place was in its true natural form and it had been wonderfull. it’s a standard perception that anywhere which human has not discovered yet remains in its natural form. People donot care and do the littering allover the place. Junks of garbages might be found at the corners of the market place. Dust thanks to traffic has caused pollution. At saif ulmalook people throw rappers and leftovers within the lake. There must be some body to require responsibility and these actions must be taken care of.

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