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Corona virus lockdown: 'Ration arrives in village after Rubina's death'

  • Large vehicles and officers carrying rations, milk and other relief items continue to arrive in the settlement of 15, 20 houses at Nabi Sar Mor, five kilometers from Jhudo city, but this was not the case until a few days ago. There was no crying and hunger for children.

    Jhudo is located on Mirpur Khas Mithi Road, about 300 km from Karachi. Rubina Brohi, 45, who was eight months pregnant, died on Saturday night in a nearby village.

    Her husband, Allah Bakhsh Brohi, told the BBC that his wife had died of starvation.

    Allah Bakhsh Brohi makes children’s toys from wood, the sale of which used to make him a hundred to two hundred rupees a day, but his work was halted due to a lockdown to prevent the spread of the corona virus. ۔

    Allah Bakhsh Brohi is the father of five children aged five to fifteen, and says they had nothing to eat for the past week.

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    "I don’t have a goat or a sheep, not even a hen that sells. All the money I had was spent during the lockdown. Used to

    'In a kilo of flour, there were barely two, two loaves of bread all the time, the children complained of hunger. If Rubina had ever eaten half a loaf, the shoulder would have been empty.

    According to Allah Bakhsh, on the day Rubina passed away, biscuits worth Rs 15 were ordered in the evening and everyone ate and slept. About ten o’clock in the night Robina’s condition deteriorated and she died. ’
    Image copyright Allah Baksh barohi
    Image caption Allah Bakhsh Brohi claims that Rubina died of hunger

    Speaking to the BBC, Assistant Commissioner Asif Khaskheli said that the woman died due to lack of hemoglobin. According to them they had taken a doctor who was told by Rubina’s husband that they had dizziness and she was weak.

    Dr Sher Shah Syed, a former president of the Pakistan Paramedical Association and a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, says malnutrition can lead to death.

    According to him, lack of hemoglobin increases the chances of death in pregnant women but if food is not available and the required food i.e. steel etc. is not available then the chances of death increase.

    The rural health center is located in Jhudo, five kilometers from Nabi Sar Mor, but Assistant Commissioner Asif Khaskheli said the pregnant woman was not even taken to a doctor to be diagnosed with the disease.
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    Rubina’s husband says their children were born at home because he could not afford doctors’ fees and medicine.

    The Sindh government is distributing rations to the deserving people in the province while the federal government has also announced to give Rs 12,000 per family which is being provided at the union council level but Allahbakhsh has not received this amount. ۔

    They say they have not gone to anyone, nor has any government or welfare institution reached them. “They are skilled, not jogis who go door to door begging.”

    Stunt counselor Asif Khaskhali acknowledged that Robina’s family was suffering from extreme poverty, but said the government’s distribution of rations was limited. “Poor people come to me all day but they are distributing rations based on the list made.”

    However, after the death of Rubina Brohi, the officials of Mirpur Khas district administration went to her house to find out the situation and according to Allah Bakhsh, the authorities gave her Rs 30,000 in cash and also distributed rations in the entire settlement.

    'Besides, the soldiers also came, they also gave ration and some others gave milk and water besides food and drink, while the local landlord complained why they did not tell us.

    "The kids are happy now, playing games or else they were killed. The little ones do not yet understand that their mother has died.

    It is to be noted that one of the reasons for the disagreement between the federal government and the Sindh government regarding the delay in the implementation of the lockdown in Pakistan and the Sindh government was the issue of day laborers.

    Prime Minister Imran Khan said that poor man in the country may not die of corona virus but due to severe lockdown he may die of hunger. Close relatives will not let him starve, but if he gets the virus, no one will come near him.

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