• We are being told to wash our hands and use hand sanitizers during the Corona virus epidemic, but many months after the outbreak of Code-19, many people are still struggling to find sanitizers.

    Store shelves are empty all over the world, they are rarely available online and even the sellers are asking for reasonable prices, so is the world facing a global shortage of sanitizers?

    If everyone in the world had a small bottle of sanitizer, we would need 38.5 million liters of sanitizer.

    Prior to the Corona virus outbreak, only 3 million liters of sanitizers were manufactured in the world, according to the Arizona Advisory and Intelligence Analysts, and also for personal use only.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) says health care workers need 2.9 million liters of sanitizer a month.

    New sanitizer factories
    The third richest man in the UK has said that he is setting up a hand sanitizer manufacturer in Germany, while in addition he will set up a factory in the UK and provide free to the NHS.

    Companies such as Pernood Record, the company that makes absolute vodka, and Diego, the maker of Johnny Walker whiskey, are making sanitizers and providing them to healthcare systems around the world.

    Luxury brand LVMH is putting its perfume unit to work.

    Image caption Sanitizer has become a must in all kinds of celebrations in the world

    Not only are sanitary ware companies unable to meet demand, but they also do not have the alcohol they need to make sanitizers.

    If you look for the recommended WHO-recommended sanitizer at Amazon’s global alcohol-based organization, you will find that all the good brands are on sale.

    A few days ago only one shopkeeper in the UK had some stock available. A 500 ml bottle was priced at £ 30, which was available ten times less than the Corona virus spread.

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    It’s easy to blame these kinds of sellers, and a lot of people have done it, but Hertz Tools, the company that sells it, says it’s not that easy.

    When contacted by the company, a friendly person said on the phone: 'We are being unfairly targeted … “There are a lot of people who say we’re making a profit, but I can assure you we’re not.”

    Clearly, this was not the first time he had answered such questions.

    The company usually used to sell and rent goods for the construction industry and is now selling only sanitizers because consumers are demanding it.

    “We are in a position where we are making enough profit from hand sanitizer to keep ourselves alive,” he said.

    Image caption The demand for sanitizers is no longer limited to medical institutions and staff

    But they have to struggle a lot to get the stock of sanitizer while its price is increasing every day. “We cannot guarantee that the price paid for it today will be met tomorrow,” he said.

    And that’s because the price of its main ingredient, alcohol, has risen dramatically.

    Hearts Tools is selling a sanitizer developed by a company called Zodiac Laboratories. The company is UK based and makes other skin care products.
    Photo copyright PA Media
    Image caption The handswash must have at least 70% ethanol for it to be effective.

    The Zydac company can produce one million bottles of hand sanitizer a day, but production is declining. The company is not receiving ethanol, which is a component of alcohol, and must have at least 70% ethanol for handwash to be effective.

    She receives her ethanol from a network of suppliers. It costs about US $ 800 for a tonne of ethanol and produces 32,000 bottles. These items will be available to them at double the price this week, but they are not sure if they will be shipped or not.
    Ten times the price

    Last week, a new supplier offered the company 10,000 for a ton of ethanol, ten times the normal price. This company politely declined.

    Wesbarth supplies to pharmacies throughout Europe and the Middle East. Now their customers are so reluctant to stock that they are asking them to help provide them with ethanol as well.

    The Cyberian tried to contact several distributors of alcohol used in sanitizers in the UK. One woman who answered the phone was almost crying because the company she worked for was shutting down due to lack of stock.
    Overwhelmed by demand

    Others were so busy and their staff so overwhelmed that they could not speak. A website said that the order door

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