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  • The Corona virus was first discovered by a Scottish woman, the daughter of a bus driver, who left school at the age of sixteen.

    Jon Almeida is the founder of ‘imaging’ the virus, and in the current global outbreak, his discovery is once again the focus of the whole world.

    Code 19 is a new virus, but it is also a variant of the Corona virus, which Dr. Alameda identified in the laboratory of St Thomas’s Hospital in London in 1964.

    Jon Hart, a virologist, was born in 1930 in the northeastern part of Glasgow, Scotland, and spent his childhood in the poorest part of the city.

    He left school at the age of 16 and had his regular education disconnected, but got a laboratory technician job at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, a Glasgow hospital.

    She later moved to London to pursue a career where in 1954 she married Venezuelan artist Enriquez Almeida.What is the difference between corona virus and flu?

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    Research on common nozzles

    The couple later moved to Toronto, Canada with their daughter. According to George Winters, an author in the field of medicine, Dr. Almeida had the opportunity to specialize in electron microscopy at the Ontario Cancer Research Institute, a cancer research institute in Ontario, Canada.

    Here they laid the foundation for a way in which the virus could be better visualized using antibodies.

    George Winters told the BBC that in recognition of his abilities, Britain encouraged him to return home and in 1964 he returned to London to work at St Thomas’ Medical School.

    This is the same hospital where current UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was recently admitted to the Corona virus.

    At this London hospital, he began working with Dr. David Tyrell, who was conducting research on the common cold in Wiltshire County, Salisbury.

    George Winters says Dr. Tyrell was observing samples obtained from volunteers that his team found that they had succeeded in eliminating several viruses that could be linked to common colds, but Not all germs or viruses were detected.

    A sample, identified as ‘B814’, was obtained from a student at Surrey County’s boarding school.

    They also found that they could transmit symptoms of common cold to volunteers, but they could not reproduce them in normal ‘cell culture’ in laboratories.

    The volunteers’ research proved that their ‘organ culture’ is booming, and Dr. Tyrell was curious as to whether they could be seen with an electron microscope.

    He sent these samples to Jun Almadi, who looked at the virus particles in a sample and said they were similar to ‘influenza’ viruses but not exactly the same.

    What they identified became the first human corona virus.

    George Winters said that Dr. Almeida had also seen such particles before when he was researching rat jaundice and poultry ‘bronchitis’ - throat and lung disease.

    But his thesis, which was rejected in a journal of his contemporaries in which experts say that the photographs made by Dr. Almeida are bad images of influenza virus particles.

    A new discovery of this ‘B814’ breed was published in the British Medical General in 1965, and the image he saw was released two years later in the journal General Virology.

    According to George Winter, Dr. Tyrell and Dr. Almeida, together with Professor Tony Watson, who is in charge of St. Thomas’s Hospital, named it the Corona virus because it had a ‘crown’ or crown crown around it.

    Dr. Almeida later worked at the London Postgraduate Medical School, where he was awarded a doctorate.

    His professional life culminated in the Wicklem Institute, where he received numerous patents for his name in the ‘imaging’ field of the virus.

    After leaving the Wellcome Institute, Dr. Alameda began training in yoga but continued consulting in the field of virology and in 1980 helped to create a unique image of the HIV virus.

    June Almeida passed away in 2007 at the age of 77.

    Now 13 years after his death, he is finally being acknowledged for his work which he deserves as its founder and because of his work, the epidemic that engulfs the entire world today. Has helped a lot in understanding what has happened

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