The invention of Pakistani-epilepsy Canadian scientist Dr. Naveed Imam Syed that will cure epilepsy

  • Suppose you have a curable mental illness, but how will you feel if a small synthetic silicone is stuck in your brain to save your life? Surely you will be very happy.

    This is now possible and is attributed to Dr Naveed Imam Syed, a Canadian-born Canadian scientist and a team of scientists working with him.

    This bi-directional chip has been introduced by a team of researchers from the University of Calgary, Canada, who are introducing a new dimension in the era of science, calling science fiction movies an important step toward shaping reality.

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    He is the first scientist in the world who claims to connect the brain with a computer through a modern chip that tests the function of a brain cell, and calls it the invention of the future of humans.

    According to Dr Naveed Syed, a Pakistani-born member of the team, this chip helps to understand the movements of the brain cells and creates a connection between the brain and the computer. It uses a new type of mechanism that has never been used before.

    Dr. Naveed Syed says the most advanced technology will be tested this year at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

    They claimed that it would address brain changes caused by epileptic seizures. This chip will also be able to hear and respond to human brain cells.Professor Naveed Imam Syed was born in Attock, Punjab province of Pakistan. Naveed Imam Syed graduated in Biomedical Engineering from Karachi and then obtained a PhD in Neuro Surgery from Leeds University.

    He has long resided in Canada and is currently associated with the University of Calgary’s Hotchkiss Brain Institute as Chief Scientist and Professor of Teaching.

    The chip developed in the Laboratory of the University of Calgary is similar to the MRI, and the surgeon will find it helpful to determine the actual placement of the visits to the MRI. Thus, this chip is also considered an important achievement in terms of surgical instruments and training.

    Experts in the field of science believe that this invention has revolutionized not only the field of medicine but also the world of artificial intelligence and robotics.

    After two decades of research, Dr Naveed Syed and his team have worked hard and made the human brain aware that they can communicate with machines and understand and communicate with their machines.

    Dr. Naveed Syed told the BBC during an exclusive interview that after two decades of continuous research, designing and numerous experiments, the chip is now ready for human trials. At any time this year, the chip will be tested on epilepsy patients who have not been able to cure any of the drugs available to date.

    Through this silence it is possible to control the human functions to some extent and according to the research so far it is possible to cure neurological diseases such as drug addiction, epilepsy and depression.

    Dr Naveed Imam Syed said that he had been interested in research since childhood. When he was living in the sea in the Punjab town, he opened an electric toy at a very young age and reunited and surprised his mother.Dr Naveed Imam Syed said that he had been interested in research since childhood. When he was living in the sea in the Punjab town, he opened an electric toy at a very young age and reunited and surprised his mother.

    He further stated that he had the Guinness Book of World Records during his time as a student in which he recorded twelve brain cells, but it was not possible to understand the function of the brain with twelve cells.

    “Then I tried to develop a chip that would record the performance of thousands of brain cells. Once we record their performance, we can understand their function. When you understand the function, then the same way can be found to treat dysfunction. ’

    'There are billions of cells in the brain. When they work together, factors such as learning, memory occur because of their rhythm. If you want to understand brain function, it is important that you develop a technology that is capable of recording these brain cell networks. Which could not have happened till now. 'Dr. Naveed said that in order to understand the function of the brain you need tools and technology that can record large networks of the brain and this chip is the first process.

    They say there is no cure if any part of the brain is affected by epilepsy, trauma, injury or depression. In these situations, if you apply such a chip to the brain, you can restore this affected function of the brain.

    Dr. Naveed Syed along with several other Pakistani-born scientists is building a modern science and technology university and Knowledge Mall in Islamabad, which has been laid.

    He says, "History testifies that Muslims have left a rare store of knowledge. They used amazing drugs to treat diseases. We are entering a new era of mental silence. Investing in knowledge is always profitable. In order to fulfill our dreams, it is necessary for humankind to wake up from sleeplessness. ’

    Dr. Naveed Syed has been awarded many Guineas Book of World Records as well as several international awards. He is mentioned in the list of the most famous scientists whose inventions have changed the world.

    He has authored more than 120 research papers that appeared in the leading scientific journal. He has been awarded the Alberta Heritage Foundation Medical Research Award, the Canadian Pakistan Combined Bio-Medical Research, the Canadian Sensation Award, and the honorary fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians Edenburg, for his extraordinary abilities.

    In 2017, Dr. Naveed Imam Syed was named one of Canada’s most important personalities in Canada’s 150-year history. In recognition of his services, he was awarded the St. 150 Award. That same year, he was awarded the Medal of Honor by the Government of Pakistan.

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