What are the assessments of the Lucknow Pact?

  • Assessments of Lucknow Pact
    The assessments of the Lucknow Pact are as follows:
    1) Realization of two communities:
    Muslim League and Congress agreed to separate electorates which means Congress realization of two different communities in India with separate interest of thier own that finally resulted in partition of India in 1947.
    2) Recognization of Muslim minority:
    The weightage to Muslim minority was recognized, the result was that this left the way open to the future resurgence of communalism in Indian politics.
    3) Muslim leaders strength:
    In Legislature, the Muslim leaders strength was laid down province-by-province, thus one of the most dangerous policies of Congress not only recognized communal representation but also communal privileges.
    4) Condition of legislature to work:
    Any legislature couldn’t not work if 3/4th member of any legislation opposed it, its consequence was introduction of communal veto in legislature.
    5) Muslim representation:
    Muslim representation in the Imperial Legislative Council was stated to be 1/3rd, although their population was not 1/3rd.
    6) Mulim League in national politics:
    Till Lucknow Pact, Muslim League was nowhere in the national politics.
    7) Political party representing Muslims:
    Due to this Pact, Muslim League recognized that Muslim League is a political party that represents the Muslims of India. INC leaders though they were sacrificing their seal in the legislature yet, they failed to understand its logical implications and partition in the offing.

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    Assessments of Lucknow Pact

    Clauses of Lucknow Pact
    They demanded:

    • The number of elected seats on the councils should be increased.

    • Laws/Motions which were passed by large majorities in the councils should be accepted as bindings by the British Government.

    • Minorities in the provinces should be protected.
      All provinces should be granted autonomy.

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