• Features of the Lucknow Pact
    The features of the Lucknow Pact are as follows:

    • There shall be a self-government in India.

    • The India council must be abolished.

    • The salaries of the Secretary of State for Indian affairs should be paid by the Gritush Government and not from Induam funds.

    • The esecutine must be separated by the judiciary.

    • Muslims should be given 1/3 representation in the Central Government.

    • There should be separate electorates for all communities until a they ask for joint electorate.

    • A system of weightage kro minority political representation( giving minorities more representation than proportional to thier share of the population) should be adopted.

    • The number of members of the Central Legislative Council should be increased to 150.

    • The term of Legislative Council should be 5 years.

    • President should be elected by the members of the Legislative Council.

    • Half of the members of the Imperial Legislative Council must be Indians.

    • At the provincial level, four-fifth of the members of the Leguslative Councils should be laid down province by province.

    • Except nominated, all the members should be elected directly on the basis of adult franchise.

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