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    Welcome to the Google AdSense All
    About Payment series.
    We’ll be talking about receiving payments via wire transfer, which
    is a method of electronic funds transfer.
    It allows you to receive funds directly into your bank account, which is available for many countries.
    Please see the description of this link. to review the list of countries wire transfer is available.
    Google sends your earnings via international wire transfer to the bank of your choice.
    This is a fast, simple, and secure method for receiving your payments.
    Before going into the practical steps, here’s a quick overview of the two topics
    we’ll be covering in this topic.
    First, we’ll walk you through the five-step process to enter your bank account information.
    Second, we will highlight some common reasons why receiving a wire transfer payment might fail.
    Let’s get started with the first topic.
    I’ll take you through the steps to make sure your wire transfer payment reaches your bank account successfully.
    Step 1, sign into your AdSense account.
    Step 2, click Payments from the left side of the menu bar.
    Step 3, click Add Payment Method.
    Step 4, choose the radio button for Wire Transfer To Bank Account and click Continue.
    Step 5, enter your bank account information and click Confirm.

    When you enter the correct bank account number or bank account
    codes within your AdSense account, keep in mind that the required information may vary depending on your country.
    You can find further information on this in the description
    of this link.
    If your account number contains hyphens, please remove them when you enter your bank account number in your account, as we only
    need you to enter the numbers.
    Make sure your bank account is located in the same country your AdSense account is registered in, and please double check your bank account
    is open to receiving a wire transfer payment.
    Last but not least, your chosen bank account must be able to receive payments via international wire transfer.
    If you’ve seen an error after you submit your bank account information, you need to re-enter your bank account information to make sure there are no mistakes.
    You can also contact your bank to confirm the details are correct and confirm they accept international transfers.
    Here are the most common reasons why payments fail.
    Your bank account details in your payee profile don’t match exactly the details of your bank account.
    Your bank account number is invalid.
    You didn’t provide a SWIFT code, or you didn’t provide any intermediary bank details.
    Please also note that depending on your bank, the payment could take up to 15 business days to arrive in your bank account.
    Finally, please check our wire transfer FAQs article in the Link description down below.
    We hope this video helps you better understand how wire transfers work
    and how to ensure you set up your details correctly.

    To learn more, you can visit the AdSense Help Center and AdSense website via the link in the description of this video.
    Last but not least, make sure to subscribe to the Google AdSense channel for more best practices and tips on how you can grow your site further.
    Thank you for reading, and let us know in the comments section if you have any suggestions for new topic.

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