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    ADMISSION SCHEDULE - Spring 2020

    Admission Opening: March 1, 2020
    Last Date to Apply: March 25, 2020
    Display of Merit Lists: April 1 ~ 5, 2020
    Last date for Fee Submission (1st voucher): April 15, 2020
    Commencement of Classes (Spring 2020): April 20, 2020

    Basic Requirements for Admission:

    • Passport Size with Signature (at bottom)
    • CNIC/Form-B (In case CNIC is not issued yet) Result cards of Educational Documents Personal Email address Personal Mobile Number

    How to apply for admission?

    Step 1: Go to Online Admission Form link

    • Open any Web Browser and type www.vu.edu.pk to open the home page of Virtual University of Pakistan.
    • Click on the “Admissions” tab.
    • Click on “Apply Online” in the drop down list. OR, simply click on the
      “Admissions Open” banner on the main website.
    • Sign Up window of Online Admission Form will be displayed.

    Step 2: Sign Up

    • Enter your Full Name, Mobile number and Email address in the given fields.
    • Enter Password of your choice(Minimum 8 and maximum 20 characters) in
      the Password dialogue box.
    • Click “Sign Up” button.
    • You will receive admission verification link on your registered email
    • You need to open your email account and click the said link.
    • Now your email account has been registered for further process.
      Remember your registered Email ID and Password. Do not share your
      Password with anyone.

    Step 3: Sign In

    • Now you are ready to Sign In
    • Use your account details (Email ID and Password) to Sign In.

    Step 4: Filling the Admission Form
    Admission Form consists on following sections:

    • Program Selection:
    • Personal Information:
    • Need Based Scholarship Form
    • Credit Transfer Form • Upload Documents
    • Submit Application

    Study Location:

    • Study From: Select an appropriate location from the given options like “Within Pakistan”, “Outside Pakistan”. Program
    • Degree: Select level of the degree like “BS”, “Masters”, “MS” Study or “Diploma etc”
    • Study Program: Select desired field of study like “Arts”,
      “Psychology”, “Zoology”, Mathematics”, “Statistics”, “Management” etc…
    • Study At: Select Preferred City, Campus or Lab Preference (In
      case of Bio Sciences candidate).
    • After filling the complete information in this portion, Press Save
      and Move to Next Step.

    Personal Information:

    • Personal Information: Type your Full Name, Date of Birth,
      Father’s full name (as on Matric/Equivalence Certificate) and other particulars/information mentioned/required in the given fields.
    • Educational Information: Select/Enter your correct Academic credentials in the given fields.
    • Employment Status: Select your employment status (“Yes” or “No”) and enter the particulars in case of “Yes”.
    • Others: Enter the required information and give your feedback on how did you know about Virtual University of Pakistan like “Newspaper, Facebook/Social media, Internet search (google, yahoo etc.), Friend/Family, Banner, Bill Board, Cable TV etc. After filling the complete information in this portion, Press Save
      and Move to Next Step.

    Need Based Scholarship Form:

    • In case you are interested to apply for Need Based Scholarship, select “Yes” to display the Need Based Scholarship Form. Fill in the required fields. In case you are not interested, simply click “No”.
    • After filling the complete information in this portion, Press Save and Move to Next Step.

    Credit Transfer Form:

    • In case you are interested to apply for Credit Transfer/Course Exemption, select “Yes” to display the Credit Transfer Form. Fill in the required fields. In case you are not interested, simply click “No”.
    • After filling the complete information of the portion, Press Save and Move to Next Step.

    Upload Documents:
    You will now have to upload following the given list of documents in supported file format (jpg, jpeg) with maximum size of 1 MB: Photograph with Signature, CNIC/Form-B, Handwriting Sample, Relevant Academic Result Cards/Certificates/Degrees. Documents must be readable and complete.

    Submit Application:

    • Choose one option:
      Have you purchased the Prospectus Yes or No
    • Applicants who have purchased Prospectus will select “YES” to enter the Serial number and Scratch code pasted on the Prospectus in the given fields. In case you have not purchased the Prospectus, select “No”. Now check the form thoroughly for proof reading before undertaking that all the facts and figures mentioned in the form are correct “to the best of my knowledge” and then Click on the “Submit Application” button.

    Step 5: (Depositing Prospectus fee voucher and submission of admission form)

    • In case you have not purchased the Prospectus and selected “No” above, the system will generate a Prospectus fee voucher. This voucher may be paid at any Bank/Counter listed on the fee voucher within the due date. The University will dispatch/provide Prospectus to you at a later stage.

    Step 6: Admission confirmation

    • Admission Form will be scrutinized by the Admission Section.
    • The admission processing section will check admission eligibility. In case, admission form is found to be complete in all respects, the said form will be scrutinized for merit, otherwise you will receive Incomplete/Ineligible email (on case to case basis) from the concerned admission section.
    • Merit list will be displayed on the stipulated dates at VU website. Thereafter, admission fee vouchers will be emailed to the successful candidates.
    • Successful candidates will be required the fee vouchers within due date. Status of the admission will be published on VU website link under
      Admitted Candidate List”.
    • Admission will be given to those candidates who will deposit fee within the due date.
    • Admission confirmation email will be sent to the admitted candidates.

    Step :7 Dispatch

    • Hard copy of the admission confirmation letter will be couriered to the successful candidates at their postal addresses(s).
    • Admission confirmation letter will contain important information like “Student VU ID” & “Password” for LMS and VU Email.
    • It is the personal responsibility of the student to secure his/her password and change it on regular basis to ensure its secrecy. Students must not share their password(s) with anyone under any circumstances since it may be misused by anyone.
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