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    Music primarily functions as

    Which came first in the development of electronic or recorded mass media?
    b. Phonograph…

    Thomas Edison patented a method for recording sound on a tinfoil cylinder, which he called the
    a. Phonograph…

    Until the invention of CDs, technological developments in recorded music could best be described as
    c. Lower sound quality in more portable units…

    The three major labels that control much of the recording industry today are
    b. Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and the Warner Music Group…

    Independent labels produce 66 percent of the recorded music, but only
    b. 20 percent of the sales…

    List prices for CDs are about $17. Artist and producer royalties are about
    a. $2 per CD…

    Radio today is as vital as ever. Why?
    a. Just about everybody listens to radio, no particular technical skill is required of the listener, and an electrical connection is not essential…

    What was created in 1927 to help establish some sort of regulation and order over the chaos of the largely unregulated airwaves?
    a. Radio Act…

    Which is the most popular genre of music in terms of number of radio stations?
    c. Country…

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