• Stress ! Is overloaded now a days.
    Everyone is suffering from it. Stress basically a burden or load of something we feel mentally.
    According to some, this is a condition which is related to troubles, problems related our present.
    So the question is, how to overcome our stress?
    The answer has two flows.

    1. Seek how to control your stress for now on.
    2. Control your stress in stressful condition.
    3. If you want to get rid of your stress for the next, you have to follow some of rules.
    • Identify the triggers
    • Identify the casual relationship of triggers
    • Find out the possible solutions
    • Create dramatic stressful condition
    • Apply the possible solutions.

    Moreover, you need some other activities .

    • Morning walk
    • Take 12 glasses of water per day
    1. If you are in your stressful condition, you can follow the following solutions.
    • Take a deep breath
    • Change your location
    • Change your position
    • Take a glass of cold water
    • Think of something make you perk up.
      Stress and anger etc are the issues for time being. if you control the effected moments, you can be havier on it.

    Get in touch for mental health queries.

    Psycho therapist
    Ain Hashmi~~

  • Thank you

  • one cant get rid of stress until and unless negative thoughts are overcome by hypothalamus and that’s need a powerful mental health and ability to think upon the circumstances and sort out the root cause.good explanation by Ain Hashmi

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