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    Speech recognition has been a promising area of text entry for a number of years, however, is still only used in very limited situations. Besides, speech input suggests a number of advantages over other input methods it has limited use in a social environment. Discuss, it is beneficial to use in a social environment or not? Briefly, write only two valid reasons in either case.

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    Yes, the utilization of speech recognition is extremely useful during a social environment. speech recognition systems had found a broad range of use in computerized games and toys, control of various instruments, data collection, and dictation. The feature also proved to be of much help among those that couldn’t obtain keypads and among those with certain disabilities. utilized in evolving search engines; when using search engines there are often differences between how we type our inquiries and the way we verbalize an equivalent queries. The user may have trouble expressing a phrase or their intent thus might not acquire appropriate results. With the inclusion of speech recognition in search engines, the results of accuracies are going to be significantly increased. As speech recognition improves, there’ll be a big implication on how the general public views search engines generally. Use in commission delivery; customers and clients might not want to talk to a live operator. Therefore, they prefer to use speech recognition systems. This helps to form the method efficient and improves on time because it cuts on waiting time. This has its application in various airports in confirming the travel schedules of the aircraft.

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