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    “We see that current can flow through metal conductors, Semiconductors and even in Gases and Liquids. Discuss what types of charges are responsible for flow of current in each matter?”

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    @zareen said in PHY301 GDB 1 Solution and Discussion:

    what types of charges are responsible for flow of current in each matter?

    Insulators and conductors can be solid, liquid or gas, and in some exceptions like glass (solid) which is an insulator becomes conductors when melted at the higher temperature. On the other hand, semiconductors are present in the solid form.

    Liquids can be conductors or insulators, depends on other properties. Though absolute pure water is an insulator, the liquid metals are electrically conductive. Gases also become electrically conductive when ionized, though they usually are insulators.

    Conductivity is the phenomenon of transmitting something like heat, electricity or sound. So, based on the conductivity of any material and the presence of a forbidden gap, they (materials) can be classified as conductors, semiconductors or insulators. In the article, we will be differentiating the three terms concerning other points on which they vary.

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