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    Assignment No. 03
    Semester: Fall 2019
    CS407: Routing and Switching Total Marks: 25

    Due Date: 30 Jan 2020

    Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting assignment:
    You need to use Packet Tracer to prepare the assignment in .pkt file format.
    It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:

     The assignment is submitted after due date.
     The assignment does not contain (.pkt) file.
     The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt.
     Assignment is copied (partial or full) from any source (websites, forums, students, etc.)


    To enhance the hands-on training on Packet Tracer tool for:
    • Designing Network Topology
    • Setting IPv4 addresses on the devices
    • Labeling Devices
    • Configuring Host Name on Router
    • Configuring Router Interfaces
    • Creating and Implementing Access List on Router
    • Accessing devices and server on a network to verify the connectivity


    You are required to perform following Tasks using Packet Tracer Tool:
    Task 1:
    Designing Network Topology:
    Design a network topology of two local area networks (LAN A and LAN B) connected with each other through a router titled /labeled as Main Router. LAN A is comprised of three computers titled / labeled as “Admin”, “User A” and “User B” respectively which are connected with each other through a Switch titled /labeled as Switch A. In LAN B, just a server titled /labeled as “Data Server” is connected to a switch titled / labeled as Switch B.
    You need to connect all the devices with each other using appropriate cables and interfaces. All links among all devices must be up.
    Take Screen Shot after designing the topology.

    Task 2:
    Configuring IP addresses:
    Assign IP addresses and default gateways to all computers and server respectively as per following scheme:

    Machines IP addresses Default Gateway
    Computers (Admin, User A and User B)
    Server (Data Server)

    Task 3:
    Accessing devices and Verifying Connectivity:
    • Check the connectivity among devices by applying related commands in command prompt.
    Take Screen shot of this activity for verifying the connectivity between the computer “User A” and “Data Server”.
    Task 4:
    Configuring Host Name:
    • Configure host name of router as your VUID by applying proper commands.
    Take Screen shot of all commands entered in command line interface after completing this task.

    Task 5:
    Restricting access of device:

    • By creating and implementing Standard Access List on relevant router, block the traffic from the computer “User A” towards the “Data Server”.
    • You need to give access list number as the last two digits of your VUID except 00. If a student has last two digits as 00 in his /her ID, then he /she need to give number as 99.
    • Write appropriate commands to show the access list implemented on the router.

    Take Screen shot of all commands entered in command line interface after completing this task.
    Task 6:
    Verifying the Access List:
    • By writing related commands in the command prompt check the reachability of the computer “User A” to the “Data Server”.
    Take Screen shot of all commands entered in command line interface after completing this task.

    After completing all these activities on Packet Tracer, you need to save as the file with your “VUID.pkt”.
    Paste all the screen shots as required in different above-mentioned tasks in MS Word file. Save as the file with your VUID.docx”.
    Put .Pkt and MS Word files in one folder, ZIP the folder and submit on VU-LMS within due date.

    Good Luck!

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    @zaasmi please share idea solution

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