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    FALL 2019 – BT602 – SEMINAR II
    Assignment No. 2
    Due Date: Thursday, January, 30 2020
    Video Power Point Presentation
    Please prepare Video Presentation on the Topic assigned to you in Assignment#1 (Video presentation using Same PowerPoint presentations that you have submitted already)
    General instructions
    • Total time of video presentation will be 10-15 minutes which include
    o Course name and code
    o Your introduction in front of nearby campus manager who will verify your identification (1 minute) (This is mandatory and no assignment will be accepted without this)
    o Topic presentation (10 minutes)
    o You have to record presentation in your nearby campus
    • Presentation files without audio will result in zero marks
    • The language should be strictly English.
    • Present the same topic assigned to you in assignment 1 on which you have submitted your PowerPoint presentation. (Presentations on any topic other than assigned will be marked as Zero)
    • Students whose marks have been deducted in Assignment#1 (PPts slides presentation) should improve those Ppts and then prepare video presentation accordingly.
    • This assignment carries 30 marks.
    • “Video Presentation file” should be uploaded on LMS not later than Thursday, January, 30 2020

    “You can prepare video presentation through any available device.”
    DO NOT send the assignment thorough email. Assignments submitted through email will result in NO (ZERO) marks.

    GOOD LUCK!!! 

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