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    Monster Hunter:
    The best-selling Capcom game ever released, continues to extend its record-breaking numbers having now shipped over 12 million units worldwide. Revealed during financial year results report ending March 2019, Monster Hunter: World “broke 12 million cumulative units shipped following the extra release of the PC version, marking a record high for any single title within the Company’s history.” Capcom called the PlayStation Four and Xbox One versions of Monster Hunter: World released in January 2018 a “phenomenal success” and said the sport “maintained popularity through the expansion of its user base, while the Steam version for PC also performed solidly, boosting profits.” Share Auto play setting: On The report also noted that Capcom’s income have increased by 5.8 percent from the previous financial year, with It’s operating income increasing by 13.1 percent. Ultimately, Capcom claims this has led to a record-high for the second consecutive year for all profit figures. Monster Hunter: World broke a Capcom record when it shipped over 10 million units by an income statement released in October 2018. This original story are often read below.

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