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    Assignment # 2

    Topology (Mth634)

    (Fall 2019)

    Total marks: 10
    Due date: 29/01/2020

    DON’T MISS these important instructions:

    • Upload assignments properly through LMS, (No Assignment will be accepted through email).
    • All students are directed to use the font and style of text as is used in this document.
    • This is an individual assignment, not group assignment, so keep in mind that you are supposed to submit your own, self made & different assignment even if you discuss the questions with your class fellows. All similar assignments (even with some meaningless modifications) will be awarded zero marks and no excuse will be accepted. This is your responsibility to keep your assignment safe from others.
    • Above all instructions are for all assignments so may not be mentioned in future.
    • Solve the assignment on MS word document and upload your word (.doc) files only. Don’t send image.

    Question 1: Marks 5

    Let19cd5802-44cd-4860-ae26-cf919da91c38-image.png be a Co-Finite Topology on a set X. Show that 866db318-1906-4c3a-a6e6-dbb6fcbb77e4-image.png is separable.

    Question 2: Marks 5

    Consider X=R(Set of real numbers) with usual topology and consider the following collections of subsets of X .

    1. U={(-n,n) |n ϵ N}
    2. V={[n,n+1] |n ϵ Z}

    Determine whether these collections form open covers for the usual topology on R. Justify your answer.

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