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    Consumer Behaviour (MKT731) Fall, 2019
    Assignment # 02
    Due Date: 28th January, 2020 Total Marks: 10
    Topic: Consumer Behavior and Corporate Social Responsibility
    Learning Objective
     To develop research paper reading skill and extracting the main theme of the article in summary format
     To conceptually clarify the cause-related marketing
    Learning Outcomes
    After attempting this assignment students will:
     Familiarize with the different sections of research article
     Understand that how consumer behavior has been changed with the change in marketing
    communication strategies especially focusing on cause-related marketing.
    Article path in downloads tab of VULMS:
    CONSUMER RESPONSES TO CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) INITIATIVES: Examining the Role of Brand-Cause Fit in Cause-Related Marketing
    Based on the above-mentioned article you have to answer the following questions:

    1. Write a brief summary of article which shouldn’t be more than 800 words and not less than 500 words. (6 marks)
    2. It has been observed that cause-related marketing influences the actions or behavior of the consumer, so you have to provide an example of your purchase which you have done because of cause-related marketing. (4 marks)
      24 hours extra / grace period after the due date are usually available to overcome uploading difficulties. This extra time should only be used to meet the emergencies and above mentioned due dates should always be treated as final to avoid any inconvenience.
    1. The summary shouldn’t be plagiarised and must be in your own words.
    2. The summary must covered the key areas of the article. Do not provide irrelevant information.
    3. Before writing summary, carefully read the article available in the download section titled
      “How to summarise a research article”
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