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    BT406 - Research Methodology & Skill Enhancement
    Assignment No. 2

    • You are required to submit your first assignment.
    • This exercise is meant to broaden your knowledge and make you understand the importance of ethical issues in conducting research.

    What to do?

    What is meant by case study based research? Give a detailed account (At least 600 words) with at least two examples from daily day life.

    Submission and Deadlines
    Students are required to finalize and submit their assignment by 28 January, 2020.

    General Instructions

    • This assignment carries 10 marks.
    • The assignment should be uploaded on LMS not later than 28 January, 2020.
    • DO NOT send the assignment thorough email. Assignments submitted through email will result in ZERO marks.


    Write in your own words, do not copy-paste. Plagiarism is not acceptable. In case plagiarism is found,
    you will be awarded ZERO marks. No excuse will be accepted in this regard. For further understanding
    about plagiarism, please follow the links:

    Little Book of Plagiarism
    HEC Policy about plagiarism.

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