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    Re: Final Term Exam Help Center

    • Duration of paper:
      – Mid Term : 60 minutes
      – Final Term : 120 minutes
    • Login the exam software by entering Student ID and Exam Password (mentioned on your “Exam Entrance Slip”).


    • Enter the student Id and Exam password to logon.


    • Before starting Exam, read the given Instructions carefully

    Main Screen

    • The Main Paper Screen has different sections of Information i.e. Question, Answer boxes and navigating buttons etc.

    This TOP section of Main Screen

    1. Course Description including Course Code and Title
    2. Student Id & Name
    3. Current Question No. and Total No. of Questions
    4. Marks and Budgeted Time for question

    Main Screen-Bottom Section
    This BOTTOM section of the main screen contains

    1. Timer having Start Time and Time Left
    2. Instructions Button
    3. Question Navigation buttons to move to Next or Previous QuestionButtons Sequence: First, Previous, Next, Last
    4. Save Answer Button (Remember to press Save button every time when you edit your answer/answer option)
    5. Status of Attempted / Un-attempted Questions
    6. Conduct Instruction
    7. Finish Exam link

    Multiple Choice Question

    • Multiple choice questions
    1. Select the desired option by clicking the radio button
    2. Press the 970dab30-d602-45fa-aad3-353e71b0a1e6-image.png button to save the selected option
    3. Use Navigation buttons to move to previous or Next Question

    Descriptive Question

    1. Press “Clickhere” to enable the text editor of answer panel to write the answer
    2. Standard Toolbar of the text editor for various options
    3. Text Formatting toolbar of the text editor
      Descriptive Question Saving
    4. Write the answer in this answer panel (UseCrtl+CandCrtl+VtoCopy & Paste from other software if applicable.)
    5. Press Save button
    6. Use Navigation Buttons to move to Previous or Next Question

    Finish Paper
    Paper finish screen:

    1. Click on the Finish icon of the bottom section of the paper
    2. Information panel display the No. of questions attempted
    3. Click RESUME button if you want to continue the paper

    Finish Paper (Warning & Alert panel)
    Submit the paper after reading all the warnings and dully confirmed.

    1. Click the checkbox to enable the Finish button
    2. Click FINISH button to finish Exam
    3. Click OK button to dully confirm the Finish exam
      Thank You

    Please note that:

    • Exam Software shall automatically close when the prescribed time is over. You are advised to save your data frequently in order to prevent any data loss.
    • In case you are asked by the examiner to close your paper on technical grounds, you must close it through browser close button [ ] and NOT through the “Finish” button.

    Important Instructions:

    • Don’t copy image directly from paint. Instead, first copy the image into MS Word, then paste it in the Exam Software.
    • You can save data up to a maximum of 2MB size in a single descriptive question.
    • For larger images, save as monochrome bitmap image in MS paint, then paste it into exam software.

    Warning: In order to avoid any kind of data loss or other problem, take care of the following:

    • Do not close the browser window.
    • Do not press browser back button. Instead, use the exam software navigation buttons.

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