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    Starting Date Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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    Question Title The Climate Crisis
    Question Description

    Fall 2019

    Crisis Management


    Graded Discussion Board (GDB)

    Due Date: January 27, 2020

    Topic: The Climate Crisis

    The objective of the activity:

    To familiarize the students with the Global climate crises and the ways to be used in combating this situation

    Learning Outcome:

    After attempting this GDB, students will be able to analyze and understand the causes of crises situation and come up with practical steps for the solution

    The Premise:

    Climate crisis has started to engulf the Globe, and it is causing far-reaching impacts that will affect all humans and other species on the face of Earth in severe ways. Glaciers are melting, ice on lakes and rivers is breaking earlier, and trees are blossoming sooner.

    The effects of global climate change which the scientists predicted in the past are occurring now which include the rise in seawater level, melting of icebergs and intense weather spells.

    Scientists are confident in mentioning that the global temperature will rise in the coming decades due to greenhouse gases generated by human activities. It has been forecasted that the temperatures will rise between 2.5 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit over a period of the next century.

    With all these precarious developments, there are ever-increasing threats of floods, droughts, fires, loss of plant and animal species, destruction of economic resources and food chains in developing countries, and facing increased climate refugees.

    Even though Pakistan is not much contributing towards global warming and climate change but still it is the seventh most affected country by this phenomenon. A report from the Global Change Impact Studies Center of Pakistan shows that the annual mean temperature of Pakistan has jumped up in the recent past with Sindh and Balochistan facing a greater increase. The average temperature of Pakistan has risen by 0.6 °C during the last century.

    Pakistan being the agriculture economy, will be adversely affected due to climate changes. The water cycle will be disturbed which will lead to a reduction in water availability resulting in decreased production.

    Climate crisis is not only faced by Pakistan but it is a global challenge and the most urgent issue irrespective of any borders which require coordinated efforts by all the individuals and countries to combat.

    Point of Discussion:

    In your opinion, how can we contribute to combat the climate crisis individually? Suggest at least five practical measures.

    SPECIAL NOTE: Avoid copying material from the internet. Such GDB responses will be marked ZERO straightaway.

    Important Instructions:

    To add supporting arguments, you can take help from reports, research papers, articles, books, and any other source but you MUST write them in your own words
    Your discussion MUST be specific to the domain of the crisis management course
    Avoid any political discussions
    You need to follow the words limits strictly i.e. 150 Words. Your answer should NOT exceed 150 words.
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