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    TPT620- Teaching Practice (Long Term)

    Assignment Lesson Plan (Fall 2019)
    Total Marks: 30
    Week # 6

    To assess the students’ understanding of concepts of teaching and enable them for implementing lesson planning practically.


    • Late assignments will not be accepted.
    • If the file is corrupt or problematic, it will be marked zero.
    • Plagiarism will never be tolerated. Plagiarism occurs when a student uses work done by someone else as if it was his or her own; however, taking the ideas from different sources and expressing them in your own words will be encouraged.
    • No assignment will be accepted via e-mail.
    • The solution file should be in Word document format; the font color should be preferably black and font size should be 12 Times New Roman.

    List of Activities (Week 6)

    From 3rd week to till end, lesson plans and teaching will be assessed in classroom.

    1. Student- teachers need to prepare two lesson plans for each subject in a week. Lesson plan needs to be submitted on weekly basis (Total 6 in a week).
      i.e. Subject 1 = 2 lesson plans
      Subject 2 = 2 lesson plans
      Subject 3 = 2 Lesson plans
      Total lesson plans = 6

    2. For TPTG620, you will prepare 6 lesson plans on different topics in this assignment. Subjects should be same as mentioned in School selection form.

    3. You need to upload the 6 lesson plans in a single Word Doc. File on LMS within the due date. However, you must start each lesson plan from a NEW PAGE of the solution file. DO NOT start a fresh lesson plan from the middle or end of a page.

    4. An “observation tool to evaluate student-teacher” is also given in this file. Please take the print and get signed it filled, stamped and signed along with the date from your cooperating-teacher. This tool will be filled by the cooperating teacher on weekly basis.

    5. You may request any of the cooperating teachers observing your class to fill the form for you. Only ONE copy of “Activity 2” from any class level is required along with 6 lesson plans.

    6. Paste the scanned copy of the complete and filled “Observation tool to evaluate student-teacher” at the end of the assignment file.

    7. Carefully check all 6 lesson plans and the filled scanned Activity 2 before uploading on LMS.
      Note: You have to teach the all six lessons in class and request your cooperating teacher to provide feedback on it.

    8. You will prepare 6 lesson plans from subjects (2 from each subject) mentioned in your school selection form.

    9. Also fill the following table:

    Sr. No Grade/Class Subject Topic

    Activity 1: Format of Lesson Planning
    Lesson plan should be activity based for students so that they can directly participate in the process of learning and construct learning from their own experiences. Here are the brief contents of the lesson plan; you may please prepare your lesson accordingly.

    1. Subject

    2. Grade level/ Class

    3. Text Book

    4. Topic & Sub Topic

    5. Time duration

    6. General Objectives

    7. Specific/Instructional Objectives (Use Measureable verbs to state specific objectives e.g. See Bloom’s Taxonomy)

    8. Resources/Materials A.V aids (resources that will be used in the lesson)

    9. Procedure
      a. Introduction (something to get the students’ attention)
      b. Teaching Procedures (methods you will use in the classroom & black/whiteboard work)
      c. Student Participation (how will you get the students’ participation)
      d. Formative check (check students’ understanding during the lesson)
      e. Closure/summarizing (how will you end the lesson)

    10. Assignment or Homework (relevant to the specific objective of the lesson)

    11. Assessment of Student Learning (Propose the questions for this lesson e.g. objective & subjective)

    Activity 2: Observation Tool to Evaluate Student-Teaching
    Respected Cooperating Teacher, you are requested to please give your feedback on the student-teacher teaching in the classroom. Please observe the activities of the student-teacher summed up in the following categories as mentioned in the observation checklist.
    The feedback you provide on the student-teacher teaching is measured at the following scale: Good, Satisfactory, Poor. Please observe the student-teacher on the lesson he / she has prepared and provide your valuable feedback on the following tool.
    Name of Cooperating Teacher: ______________________________
    Student-teacher Name: ____________________________________
    Class level observed: ___________________ Subject: _________________
    Date of the class observed: _____________________ Class time & duration: _____________
    Lesson topic of the class observed: _____________________________________________
    School Name & City/Dist.:____________________________________________________
    Contact No. of Cooperating Teacher/School: _____________________________________

    Teacher’s Personal Affect Observation Poor Satisfactory Good
    1. Vocal Delivery
    2. Eye Contact
    3. Gestures / Facial Expressions
    4. Body Movement
    5. Word Selection is according to students’ mental level
    6. Acceptance of students’ Ideas
    Classroom Management Observation: Teacher Movement and Verbal Involvement Poor Satisfactory Good
    - - - - -
    1. Teacher asks questions from students in the class
    2. Teacher responds to the questions of the students
    3. Teacher focuses on less active students
    Teacher’s Observation during giving a task / activity Poor Satisfactory Good
    - - - - -
    1. Teacher clearly instructs the task
    2. Students understand the task
    3. Teacher answers the questions relating to the task
    4. Students perform the task as desired
    Student Engagement Observation: Verbal Involvement Poor Satisfactory Good
    - - - - -
    1. Teacher directs the questions to all students
    2. There are only few students who respond
    3. There is no difference in how the students are called upon
    Feedback of the Lesson Planning Poor Satisfactory Good
    - - - - -
    1. Teaching techniques and materials used are sufficient
    2. Teaching techniques and materials used are appropriate
    3. The materials and teaching techniques help address different learning styles
    4. Lesson plans creates interest in the students
    5. Lesson plan allocates time for different activities
    Feedback on Teaching Poor Satisfactory Good
    - - - - -
    1. The teacher had command on the content
    2. The ideas were expressed appropriately
    3. Explanation of the topic was given where needed
    4. Relevant examples were shared when needed
    5. Questions of students were answered properly
    6. The teacher summarized the lesson
    7. Feedback from students was taken in terms of questioning / answering
    8. Homework related to the classwork was assigned
    9. Teacher had the basic assessment plan of the topic

    Student-teacher sign: ___________

    Cooperating –Teacher Sign: _______________
    Date: ______________

    Stamp of School:

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