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    Assignment # 07
    Revised Research Proposal (Final Draft)
    This assignment will be the final product of your assignment submissions in this course. Compile the previously submitted approved Topic, Introduction and Rationale, Literature Review, Theoretical Framework, Hypotheses and Research Methodology along with references in APA format, into one final draft of your research proposal. Use font size ‘12’ with ‘Times New Roman’ font. The instructions regarding each chapter can be taken from the previously uploaded assignments. Follow the provided format for this assignment.
    Title Page
    Topic of proposal Name of Student Student ID Course
    Date of Submission University logo University name
    Table of contents Chapter # 1: Introduction and Rational of the study
    1.1 Introduction
    1.2 Background
    1.3 Research Objectives
    Format of Proposal Draft
    SPT730 (Fall 2019)

    1.4 Research Questions
    1.5 Significance of the Study
    Chapter # 2: Literature Review, Theoretical Framework, Hypotheses
    2.1 Literature Review
    2.2 Theoretical Framework 2.3 Hypotheses
    Chapter # 3: Research Design/Research Methodology
    3.1 Type of Research (Quantitative or Qualitative)
    3.2 Research Paradigm (Positivistic, Constructive or Pragmatic)
    3.3 Nature of Research Study (Descriptive, Exploratory or Explanatory) 3.4 Data Collection Sources (Primary and Secondary Sources Used)
    3.5 Data Collection Tools/Instruments
    3.6 Subjects/Participants
    3.6.1 Target Population
    3.6.2 Sampling Frame (if any)
    3.6.3 Sample Size
    3.6.4 Sampling Technique
    3.6.5 Data Processing, Analysis Techniques and Interpretation
    References: (APA format)
    SPT730 (Fall 2019)

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