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    Fall 2019 - GEN733 - Biometrical techniques in Genetics
    Assignment No. 2
    Due Date: 27 January 2020
    Audio Power Point Presentation
    Please prepare Audio PowerPoint® Presentation of review article that you submitted this fall 2020 as assignment-1.
    General instructions
    • Total time of audio presentation will be 10 minutes.
    • Audio presentation without audio will result in Zero marks.
    • The language should be strictly English.
    • Total 5 slides with text Should be prepared (Title, thanks, and reference slides are excluded from the count).
    • Each slide Should be of 2-minute duration (or) total 5 slides would be of 10 minutes duration.
    • Keep the text on the slides concise.
    • Do not just read the slides, explain it well as well.
    • Download the assignment file on another PC after uploading for submission, to know if the audio files are attached correctly and are working fine.
    • This assignment carries 25 marks.
    • Five slides and recording on each slide “Audio PowerPoint® Presentation” should be uploaded on LMS not later than 27 January 2020
    Instructions for making audio Presentation through PowerPoint®.
    • Open MS PowerPoint®
    • Create “new slide”
    • Prepare all the material on the slide
    • Go to “insert” in tool bar
    • Go to “Audio” option in media (Extreme right option in power point tool bar)
    • Start recording on each slide
    Note: If you are linking the audio files from your Personal computer instead of embedding the audio files into the presentation, the audio files will only be uploaded as a link and won’t play on the instructor’s computer when downloaded from VULMS. Such submissions will result in zero (0) marks.

    This assignment will help you to develop your Presentation skills and strengthen your ability to express your ideas more effectively.

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