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    How to force your site to redirect to https (SSL)
    I’m facing issue please help?

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    @zareen said in Why http url auto redirect to https?:

    How to force your site to redirect to https (SSL)

    1. log into your cPanel and access the redirects section.
    2. Set Type to Permanent (301)
    3. Next to redirects to, enter your website’s url using the Shared SSL Certificate.
    4. We recommend having Redirect with or without www. …
    5. Ensure Wild Card Redirect is selected.
    6. Click Add.


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    it causes the Cloudflare Automatic HTTPS Rewrites enabled

    Automatic HTTPS Rewrites are now available in the customer dashboard for all CloudFlare customers. Today, this feature is disabled by default and can be enabled in ‘one click’:

    We will be monitoring the performance and effectiveness of this feature and enable it by default for Free and Pro customers later in the year. We also plan to use the Content Security Policy reporting features to give customers an automatic view of which URIs remain to be upgraded so that their transition to all https:// is made as simple as possible: sometimes just finding which URIs need to be changed can be very hard as Wired found out.


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    In HTTP, redirection is triggered by a server sending a special redirect response to a request. Redirect responses have status codes that start with 3 , and a Location header holding the URL to redirect to. When browsers receive a redirect, they immediately load use the new URL provided in the Location header.

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    When you add an SSL certificate to your website, the URL visitors use to view your site changes from HTTP to HTTPS. The ‘S’ ensures that your connection is encrypted. After adding an SSL certificate you should force all URLs on your site to automatically redirect to the HTTPS version.

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