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    Assignment 2 MTH621: Real Analysis 1

    Lectures: 28 TO 32
    Due Date: 26-01-2020
    • Attempt all questions.
    • Submit assignment within time, no assignment will be accepted through email.

    Question 1 For the functions f(x)=√x,"  " g(x)=(9-x^2)/(x+1). Check the continuity of f°g.

    Question 2 Let f be a real uniformly continuous function on the bounded set E in R. Prove that f is bounded on E.

    Question 3 Is continuity implies differentiability? Justify your argument with an example.

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    Q. 1 Solution:

    Q.2 Solution:
    8deed319-b5b5-426c-b034-8fa1540748dc-image.png c97e0a2f-4046-4bb8-86f8-7fd2f364fbd8-image.png

    Q.3 Solution:
    7213804e-0aa9-4642-9438-585418f70b23-image.png b4b6e21b-053a-4612-890d-fd43cfb75893-image.png

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