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    Now a days so many peoples asking that question how to make money?

    There is lot of thinks that we can get one of these are FREE and some one can be buy from lot of different market place to help earn money online/offline.

    1. Google Adsense is a best platform for online bloggers and internet users to earn buy providing unique article/content on his website to earn money online.
      i. 1st of all we need a website we will discuss a lot of free and paid plate forms that provide the free web hosting to start your own website.
      a. godaddo.com is providing a 30 days free web hosting without domain name that you need to register in just 9.99$ (“cyberian” to use promo with 20% discount)
      b. Wordpress.com is a free subdomain and and hosting providing with simple and elligent themes to build your own website at startup.
      c. blogger.com is also providing free hosting with subdomain services by Google.com
      d. There is lot of options to build free but not a professional website hosting and domain services. You must need to take a star-up with FREE services for some time.
      If you need more help please don’t hesitate to Q&A section in comments we will be happy to help our users to start his blogging adventure.

    In our next article we will discuss how to build a free website.
    In urdu Please listen Mr. Qasim Ali shah Speak regarding how to make money

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