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    Richardson extrapolation is method also known as ………… MTH603
    Sequence acceleration method
    Series acceleration method

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    In Newton-Cotes formula for finding the definite integral of a tabular function, which of the following is taken as an approximate function then find the desired integral? MTH603

    Trigonometric Function

    Exponential Function

    Logarithmic Function

    Polynomial Function Page=166

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    While using the Composite Trapezoidal form for integrating y = f(x) in [0,10] which is subdivided in equally spaced interval of width ‘h =2’, then which of the following is the area of associated trapezoidal strip over subinterval:[2,4] ? MTH603
    (y2 + y4)/2
    (y2 + y4)
    (y2 - y4)/2
    (y2 - y4)

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    For a function ‘f(x) = x’, with a step size of ‘h=0.01’, which of the following gives the 1st derivative at x =1 by using two point formula? MTH603

    Y’=(x)=1+Some truncation Error

    Y’=(x)=1.01+Some truncation Error

    Y’=(x)=.0.1+Some truncation Error

    Y’=(x)=0.1+Some truncation Error

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    To improve the accuracy of the derivative of the function, which of the following method is more helpful? MTH603

    Divided difference
    Central difference

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