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    Assignment No. 2
    BIO201 – Cell Biology
    Fall 2019

    Total Marks: 15
    Due date: 23-01-2020
    • Make sure that you upload the solution file before due date. No assignment will be accepted through e-mail after the due date.
    Formatting guidelines
    • Use the font style “Times New Roman” and font size “12”.
    • Compose your document in MS-Word, any file created in any format will not be accepted and marked zero.
    • Use black and blue font colors only.
    Solution guidelines
    • To solve this assignment, you should have good command over lectures 66-76.
    • This is not a group assignment, it is an individual assignment so be careful and avoid copying others’ work.
    • Give the answer according to question in detail according to marks (Page limit is Minimum 3-5 Pages) and avoid irrelevant details.

    Please note that your assignment will not be graded if:
    • It is submitted after due date
    • The file you uploaded does not open
    • The file you uploaded is copied from someone else or internet
    • It is in some format other than .doc
    • Cheating or copying/plagiarizing of assignment is strictly prohibited. The cheated or copied assignment (from internet or from any other student) will be marked as ‘Zero’.

    Question No. 1
    Give a brief comparison (both differences and similarities) of In-Vitro PCR Amplification & In-Vivo DNA Replication on account of principle, mechanism, types of enzymes and machinery used and significance/applications.

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