ENG101 Assignment 2 Solution and Discussion

Q. 1 Answer:

  1. How would you describe the author’s narrative towards students in passage?
    a. Appease
    b. Perturb
    c. Gratify
    d. Subsidize
    e. All of the above given options

  2. What is meant by the phrase ‘pen the particulars’?
    To interpret the general opinion
    To write down views of colleagues
    To lend a hand towards his narrative
    To reveal some specific information
    None of the above given option

  3. Among the following, what is the basic reason of the author’s skepticism in matters of teaching?
    Doesn’t feel ready yet
    Doesn’t seem as a person who is capable of managing a classroom
    It seems that teaching is well above the author’s intellectual station
    Author’s source of skepticism is fly-by-night
    None of the above given

  4. How would you describe the author’s narrative towards teaching marvel in passage 2?
    Ready to adopt any career but teaching
    Feeling insecure concerning the teaching profession
    Feeling seriously wrong regarding every profession
    Every career is off the table now but teaching
    None of the above given option

  5. In passage 3, how does the author find himself after having fun with the students?
    Seems comfortable
    Seems in distress
    Seems in endless thoughts
    Seems skeptic
    All of the above given options

Q. 2 Answer:

• Can’t you hear that someone is knocking on the door?
• I was wondering if you would like anything to drink.
• The family members have been badly injured in the accident. Is there anyone to help them?
• Carol has just checked the internet; however, she couldn’t find the article anywhere.
• Unfortunately, this plant is already dead and there is nothing we can do about it.
• Stop feeling sorry for your relationship! You should simply accept everything has a beginning and an end.
• Someone must do something about the human rights in that country or it will be too late.
• The boss is writing an important report. Therefore, he has to work somewhere quiet.
• There is an exam tomorrow. Needless to say, everyone has to study for it.
• My friend broke my heart by lying to me. I don’t think I can trust anyone.

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