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    TV Direction --------------------------------------------------MCD501
    Department of Mass Communication
    Virtual University of Pakistan SEMESTER FALL 2019
    Graded Assignment
    DUE DATE: 17TH JANUARY, 2020
    Assignment Question
    A new wave of Pakistani Cinema was witnessed after the much acclaimed movie of Shoib Mansoor, “Khuda Key Liye “and “Bol”. After that there are many films that got critical as well as public approval for covering contemporary issues. Mention and discuss any Three such Pakistani Films that you find best in following perspectives:
     Storyline relevant to current social set up of Pakistan
     Successful handling of director in conveying the intended message
     Power packed performances for bringing conviction to the role
    Formatting guidelines
    • Use the font style “Times New Roman” and font size “12”.
    • Compose your document in MS-Word format. Any file created in any other version will not be accepted and marked zero.
    • Use black and blue font colors only.

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