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    Fall 2019 Data Mining Virtual university of Pakistan
    Data Mining (CS725)
    Assignment # 01 Total Points: 50
    Please read the instructions before stepping in to the assignment solution. Please try to complete and upload your assignment on or before due date. No assignment will be considered after due date through email.
    Please apply/ perform all the steps.
    Copying from other students or any other source will be
    marked as ZERO.
    Screenshots of assignment solution will not be considered.
    Assignment solution must be typed.
    Screenshots of Mathematical Equation will lead to marks deduction.
    No assignment will be entertained through email.
    Be specific and to the point in assignment solution. No assignment after due date will be accepted.
    Due Date: January 16th, 2020

    Fall 2019 Data Mining
    Virtual university of Pakistan
    Question# 01
    Consider the following dataset mentioned below:

    Actual Predicted
    Yes No
    Yes 70 30
    No 40 60

    Now calculate the following:
    i. Sensitivity
    ii. Specificity
    iii. Error rate
    Question# 02
    Consider the following class-labeled training tuples from the weather forecast dataset mentioned below:

    a) Calculate the Gain for every mentioned attribute and identify which attribute will be chosen for splitting?
    b) Compute the Gini index for the overall collection of training dataset

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