The Witcher Developer Says “We Can’t Create Witcher 4”

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By Liana Ruppert
– March 24, 2018

CD Projekt RED has their hands FULL when it comes to the next couple of years. With their very hush, hush RPG title Cyberpunk 2077 in the works and an unnamed RPG down the pipeline for 2021, many have been wondering exactly where that leaves some of our favourite characters from their infamous The Witcher series. Though the team has already confirmed that Geralt’s story has come to a close, that doesn’t necessarily rule out spin-offs. I vote for a Ciri solo, but that’s just me.
During a recent panel at the Pareto Securities’ Gaming Seminar, CD Projekt RED’s CEO Adam Kicinski recently touched on the subject of The Witcher’s future once more. Effectively, the idea of a The Witcher 4 is out of the question, but that a linear sequence isn’t the only possibility for the franchise. Spin-offs, prequels … the sky is the limit.
“We can’t create Witcher 4 because that was a trilogy from the beginning,” revealed Kicinski during his discussion for what’s next. What we mean by other possibilities is clarified in what he said next: “No one said that one day we won’t decide to develop something in the Witcher universe, but now we’re focusing on Cyberpunk and Gwent.”
It’s understandable that Cyberpunk would be their focus. The game is a massive undertaking, and CD Projekt has already mentioned in the past that it is much larger than The Witcher could have even hoped of being.
Speaking of Cyberpunk 2077, during their recent fiscal year briefing Kicinski recently touched on a few new aspects regarding the space RPG.
One interesting thing he brought up during the presentation was character creation. For many RPG fans, this is a make or break mechanic in a game but Kicinski not only confirmed that the upcoming game will offer the feature, but also that there would be many options to choose from, including various classes.
The president mentioned that pretty much the team took to this title with an open mind. Because of that, rumors have been rampant. When addressing some of these rumors, such as multiplayer and battle royale, he mentioned that they are looking at “everything and anything” but they are not ready to disclose anything more than that at this time. That’s not a hard no, but it could just be exactly what it sounds like: him staying true to his vow of silence.
We’re expecting an official reveal at this year’s E3, they’ve already confirmed that they have something planned for the event. It would be the perfect time to share footage, the hype has been successfully built and the game is making solid progress with its development. Keep in mind too that their Twitter for this title came back to live after years of being radio silent: big things are happening! For those excited about what’s next, all of that patience is about to pay off. Stay tuned for more Cyberpunk goodness in the months to come!

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