SOLUTION: This is a template as there is no particular solution for this assignment. Demographics: Answer: Par I Name: Gender: Age: Education: Occupation: Marital Status: Answer: Par II As we know the fact that we all play different roles in our lives. For instance I’m playing the role of an instructor, daughter, sister, colleague and much more. But when I have to categorize myself according to my roles then I would like to prioritize me as a role of an instructor. The reason behind is my passionate working attitude. As far as my self-concept is concerned, I’m a very simple girl. I want to wear the simple and decent fabrics. Because this is my belief that simplicity is the best. I prefer to eat traditional foods. I’m a very hardworking and a dedicated girl. I always try at my best level to meet the targets. I’m also an adventurous girl and love to take risks in my life. As far as my ideal-self is concerned, I’d like to enhance my skills and knowledge. I’m fond of progress and want to become an associate professor within 5-years. As we know the fact; this world runs according to the principle of relevance. Different people meet me and have different views about myself. For some one, I’m a very happy, hardworking and passionate person. While for others ones, I’m a rude girl. So, this is the life! When I was in my Master’s program, I had taken the viva on clinical psychology. I have still remembered the encouraging words of my external who appreciate my hard work. So that event really boosted the feelings of empowerment. I’m a very flexible person. This is one of my strengths which I like the most. Whichever the situation becomes; I can adjust with it. At an initial level, I show some resistance but after that, I develop adjustment with the new situation. Finally, students are required to discuss how self-concept develops and role of society in developing and improving it. These are few general tips for improving self-concept. Forgive yourself for past mistakes Focus on your positive attributes Exhibit a good attitude