@zareen said in MGT602 Assignment 1 Solution and Discussion: Developed by: Jawad Hassan Assignment Entrepreneurship (MGT602) Fall 2019 Due Date: 15 November, 2019. Total Marks: 10 Topic: Start-Ups Leaning objectives: To make students explain different start-up types. Background: An entrepreneur is an enthusiastic and motivated individual and it needs him to visualize economic goals correctly at the beginning of a business journey. Therefore he must carefully select the type and timing of the business. In other words he or she must strategically seize a business opportunity. Hence, the selection of a startup is critical and it is favorably linked to the entrepreneurial attributes and their potential capitalization. An entrepreneur can either have a Foundation Company, Lifestyle Firm or a Gazelle/High Potential Venture for a startup option. Case: Miss Fatima, a fashion designing graduate, is working in research and development department section of a famous female outfit brand. Her job is to think of innovative ideas and develop unique products related to fashion industry and maintain cutting edge distinctive advantage of the firm in the market. Amid economic crunch of the country, the company is being forced to downsize its HR thus creating a vibe of job insecurity among its employees. In these conditions Fatima is intended to prepare plan B to bear the worst case scenario and start her own business in case of her job layoff from the company. Requirement: Being a student of entrepreneurship you need to give answers to the following questions. Question: What type of startup is most suitable for Fatima complying with her personal attributes? Provide 3 Logical arguments to support your selected startup type. Marks: 1 (Type of the startup) + 9 (Three logic comments)