Q. 1 Answer

Enhance effectiveness in dealing with conflicts. Strategies that will enable you to resolve conflicts yourself and to assist people in attaining their outcomes without damaging relationships. Interdependence is a force supporting the creating of some mutually acceptable solution for the conflict. Eliminate leftover negative feelings. Defusing the accompanying emotional energy and achieving a mutual understanding of

Q. 2 Answer


There will be no objection to both parties because decision will decide by the court. Litigation offers is a clear platform with a clear outcome. This is especially useful in
relation to social media, where accusations can quickly gain publicity without the
opportunity for reproach. Litigation helps solve this problem, with court-mandated deadlines and requirements
being far more difficult to ignore. In some cases, the powers of the court may even allow a dispute to be disposed of summarily.


Litigation is time consuming and complicated process. It needs to go through many steps and stages before trial start. Court decisions might not acceptable to either party, result in disturbance of commercial relationship.
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