Category: Gaming
Posted: May 17, 2018 10:37AM
Author: Guest_Jim_*

Last week it was revealed Valve would be putting out a couple Steam related apps for iOS and Android, and today the Steam Link beta app for Android is up on the Play Store for you to try out. With this app you should be able to stream your games from your desktop to your Android device, provided it is on the same network and connected using Ethernet or a 5 GHz WiFi connection.
I have installed it on my Android phone and but I have not had the time to test it extensively yet. It is working though, reporting it sees my desktop and has a good connection.
If you are wondering how you would play a game on an Android device, you will most likely want a Bluetooth controller. To help with that, Valve has also recently put out (at least on the Steam beta client, though it might be live now) a firmware update for the Steam Controller, enabling Bluetooth LE. Personally I am happy to see this as it also allows me to connect my controller to my desktop wirelessly, without the need of the paired dongle.
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