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Invidyo's AI-powered baby monitor will compress a day's worth of moments into a two-minute highlight reel.
Invidyo’s AI-powered baby monitor will compress a day’s worth of moments into a two-minute highlight reel.

Image: invidyo

Being a parent can be the most valuable, nerve-wracking, challenging, and rewarding job out there. 

You hope to be present for your baby’s first step or words, but the sad truth is very few parents are fortunate enough to spend every waking moment with their child. 

That’s where Invidyo comes in. Dubbed the world’s smartest video baby monitor, it’s specially designed to make sure you never miss one of your baby’s biggest milestones. And it’s currently on sale for $90 off.

Check out Invidyo’s video below:

Like something out of Black Mirror, this innovative gadget uses artificial intelligence to pick out your baby’s face as well as their emotions. Invidyo’s software can detect every smile or shriek, plus potentially dangerous situations like increased humidity levels or a stranger nearby. Invidyo will compress a day’s worth of moments into a two-minute highlight reel for you to enjoy once you get home from work. 

And if you just can’t wait until the end of the day to see your little pride and joy, you can download the system’s corresponding app and receive push notifications throughout the day. We do not recommend using Invidyo’s system instead of a babysitter, but it’ll give you some extra peace of mind throughout your day.

Invidyo managed to raise more than $62,000 through its Kickstarter campaign. And thanks to those  supporters, you can now buy one for just $169. That’s 34% off the price you’ll find it listed everywhere else ($259).

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