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This week there will be 60 new AR apps that will be launching on Google Play Store. The new augmented reality apps are coming out at a quicker pace now due to the Android ARCore platform being released a bit ago. The Game Developers Conference is also this week, which is why a lot of these AR apps have decided to launch now. If you have an Android device, read on to learn more about all of the new augmented reality apps hitting Google Play within the week.
60 New AR Apps Hit Google Play
It is pretty impressive that there are 60 new AR apps being released on Google Play Store this week. That is something Google just announced was happening, and it is partially due to the ARCore platform finally being released officially. Some of the AR apps have already arrived on Google Play, including My Tamagotchi Forever.

There are even some practical types of AR apps that are launching for Android devices, including one from Pottery Barn. The Pottery Barn app is called 3D Room Review. Ebay also released an app called Which Box, which is all about telling you the size of the box you need for shipping your product. Google is even launching some AR apps itself, most of these apps are an experiment though.
60 New AR Apps Hit as ARCore Expands
One of these apps is called Just a Lone, which allows you to make drawings. These drawings are done in the 3D area, and you can share your drawings as videos. As long as you have an Android device that supports the ARCore technology, you will be able to download the Just a Line app. This is an experimental app, which means that features could show up that just do not work out. Other features might end up being really cool and could end up really helping you light draw in a new AR 3D way.

It is pretty cool that 60 new AR apps are now available on Google Play Store, and we are happy about the ARCore expansion too. Even though there are 60 new apps, there are literally millions of apps overall on Google Play Store. When you compare the AR apps to those regular apps on Google Play, you will realize just how small the number of AR apps are right now. AR is still a relatively new technology and it is still in an infancy phase on Android.
AR Apps Still Small Portion of Google Play Store
There probably are less than 1,000 apps overall that are using AR on iOS, which has been out longer than Android. The ARCore technology is younger than that, so there are significantly less Android apps out there. The expansion of ARCore means we will be seeing more AR apps out there on Android. It could take quite a while to see hundreds or thousands of these augmented reality apps on Google Play though.
Have you tried out any of the AR mobile apps on either platform yet? We are going to be so happy once augmented reality becomes the video game future. There is still a lot of room left for issues to get worked out, especially on the mobile platforms. As Google puts more work, technology, and research into the ARCore development, we will see better and better augmented reality apps.
Putting more time into the ARCore will also be good for the developers, since app developers will feel more comfortable with using augmented reality. Right now, there is still so many unanswered questions about augmented reality, and we still are not sure it really is the gaming of the future. For now, head on over to Google Play Store and check out the new AR apps that are being released this week. Let us know in the comments what you think about augmented reality apps. Are you someone who would use these practical augmented reality apps, such as the one Ebay put out there? Do you think augmented reality is here to stay or just a phase?

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