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“ Focus”: Live Quality Checks for improved workflows

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As of now, the new feature “ Focus” is available for all customers. “ Focus” is the SEO sector’s most comprehensive instant analysis tool and a valuable supplement to the daily workflow of SEOs and copywriters.

As announced last week, we eagerly keep on implementing suggestions from our Feature Requests tool. We are very proud to be able to present our latest achievement to you: with “ Focus”, we are covering 8 feature requests at one go. Just as the TF*IDF tool, keyword monitoring and “Mentions”, “Focus” will be available for all our customers – at no additional charge.

We became aware of the utter importance of the new feature already during the planning phase. Imagine a customer whose site just got live – he would love to have an assistant telling him if there were any critical errors on his new site. Basically, we came to realize that we were missing the forest for the trees.

Screenshot of Focus

A first look at “ Focus”

What is being determined?

“ Focus” indentifies the website’s most important quality factors and expands the analysis by additional aspects. “Focus” is about checks and metrics that can’t be determined within a large crawl, as they either require too many resources or are considered to be too global. A few examples:

  • For example, we are checking if URLs contain “www”. What happens, if the “www” is being left out? Will it then redirect to the correct URL? Of course we could also determine that within a large crawl – but the necessary crawling resources would need to be doubled. We would have to call up twice as many URLs all at once, accompanied by a relatively small added value. If Redirect is not installed (e.g. via ht access), it won’t be on any of the sites, as the server admin obviously simply forgot something.
  • Viewport indication: It will be indicated in the meta data of a document and is almost always static, meaning the value is the same on all documents. “ Focus” sorts out the value and shows you how to handle it.
  • Favicons: The same is true here. The favicon is indeed important for your site’s usability – but do sites need to be tested separately for a million times? No. Doing it on-demand is totally adequate here.

This list could be continued as you wish – but that would go too far. Why don’t you just start an analysis with “Focus” and take a look at it yourself? You will find “Focus” amongst “Tools”, and temporarily also directly in the dashboard.

Moreover, we implemented the frequently wished for “ToDo list”. While with an entire crawl, it is often hard to decide where to start first, it is pretty easy with the analysis of a single site. First of all, you should make sure the site can be indexed. After that you deal with the optimization of your content until finally, in order to get many clicks, you make sure that the site will be displayed beautifully in all Social Media channels. This exact workflow is being depicted by “Focus”.

We are trying to make every important detail of the source code visible to you

Never has any live analysis tool examined as many metrics and settings as “Focus” does: From the basics (title, description, etc.) to far advanced header settings (keep-alive, vary, etc.), regardless of whether linked iTunes app or Facebook admins: We are trying to make every important detail of the source code visible to you.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 16.20.38

The view from the menu item “App” in our new tool “ Focus”

Tip: Any random URL can be analyzed! Regardless of whether it is on your server or from potential new customers.


“ Focus” is a new tool for the instant analysis of single URLs. It is available for all customers at no additional charge.

Just try it and tell us what you think of it or if we are missing anything! Focus shall assist you with the daily quality checks of your websites and we are positive that it will make life work-wise much easier for you.

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