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The brand new Deviljho DLC creature for Monster Hunter World is right on the horizon, and it looks set to be an incredibly tough challenge for even the most experienced hunters. In this Monster Hunter World Deviljho guide, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about the upcoming beast, including the Deviljho release date, as well as how we expect you’ll be taking down the monster.

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Monster Hunter World Deviljho Guide

So far, the Deviljho is the only confirmed DLC for Monster Hunter World, as although there’s rumors swirling around potential Monster Hunter World DLC for this Summer, Fall, and Winter, there’s nothing Capcom has actually confirmed outside of the Deviljho itself.

Monster Hunter World Deviljho Release Date

We actually knew that the Deviljho was coming to Monster Hunter World before the game itself even released, as Capcom put out the trailer above back in early January 2018. The Deviljho was revealed in the trailer as a free DLC monster for the game, and it looked like an absolutely ferocious predator, making a meal almost instantly out of the Great Jagras, which itself can be a challenge to any hunter.

Although there was a planned live stream by Capcom that would showcase the Deviljho on March 14, Famitsu appeared to jump the gun and announce the release date for the creature as March 22. The Deviljho will be completely free to all players when it launches, and we’re assuming that the release date of March 22 for the monster is a global release date.

If Capcom is going to keep players around for the long haul in Monster Hunter World, then it’ll have to not only keep adding additional content for free to the game like the Deviljho, but it’ll also have to make sure that this content is actually challenging. Veteran players that have put in hundreds of hours to Monster Hunter World by now want a fresh challenge, and not just a throwaway creature that they can take down in a very short amount of time.

Therefore, we’d expect the Deviljho to be a significant combat challenge to even the most experienced hunters, when it eventually launches in late March 2018. We can tell from the trailer for the monster that it inhabits the Ancient Forest area of Monster Hunter World, and we can also see that it primarily uses its jaw and claws to attack its prey, being able to pick up other monsters in its mouth with ease. Who’s to say that it couldn’t then use these monsters that it picks up as a weapon against the player?

When the Deviljho was officially revealed by Capcom through the livestream on March 14, it was announced that the Deviljho would be invading five and six star high rank quests, as well as having a rivalry with the Bazelgeuse. It looks like the Deviljho is basically going to function as the Bazelgeuse of the Ancient Forest, dropping in to pester players while they’re out on other hunts. Since it’s going up against the Bazelgeuse head on, we can also expect the Deviljho to somehow head over to the Wildspire Waste area.

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