Sometimes, Saturday night telly can feel like staring into a void.

Not literally – Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway is nothing if not colourful – but figuratively: as in, you remember the days when you didn’t sit in on a Saturday and instead enjoyed a rich, fulfilling life of parties and nice dinners and nightclubs, before you succumbed to inevitability, got married, got a dog, dropped out, mowed the lawn on Sunday, went round your mam’s for dinner, watched Monarch of the Glen afterwards and slowly edged yourself towards the grave…where was I again?

Oh yeah, the cold abyss of death. Well, it’s rare that the vastness of existence and your puny place within it is presented so bleakly on a Saturday night, but, according to Samsung, exactly that is about to happen this weekend.

Credit: Samsung
Credit: Samsung

According to Samsung, our TV screens will be invaded by a buzzing sound, and then go blank and completely silent for a period, facing viewers to contemplate the emptiness of their…I’m doing it again.

Then, a message will come on screen that says: “This is your TV screen … most of the time; a void full of nothing,” and the dream will end. It’s just eight seconds of a 30-second advert that is meant to convince you that you need to spend £1,300 minimum on a new telly.



Of course, the debate over which one of spending £1,300 on a new telly or staring into a black abyss is more emblematic of our dull, pointless lives is still open.

The message will interrupt adverts during the Champions League Final, First Dates, The Simpsons and Coronation Street, as well as being played in cinemas and on the outdoor screen in Piccadilly Circus in London.

Robert King, VP of consumer electronics at Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland said “The large black rectangles which have come to dominate our homes over the past 50 years will soon be a thing of the past as televisions adapt to complement and reflect our modern living environment.

“Our QLED ambient technology marks the end of an era and we are about to witness a dramatic change in the way we install, watch and enjoy television.”

To be honest Robert, you might be right, but as long as I choose to watch Ant & Dec, I could be watching them on my phone, a coin-operated black and white box, a portable telly or a fever dream projected on the back of my eyelids as I try to sleep – they’re still going to be basically rubbish.

Featured Image Credit: Samsung

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