LG G7 ThinQ Flagship Revealed: Specs Detailed In FULL

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LG is hard at work on a new flagship handset due to arrive inside 2018, but it’s something of a mystery what it will be called, as it’s alleged LG is dropping the “G-series” naming convention. Many of the specs and details also remain elusive, but we’ve scraped together what info we can into this here hub, for your enjoyment.
Be sure to check back regularly as we’re going to do our best to keep this page up-to-date with all the latest as it emerges.
Apparently the LG G7’s display notch will be “optional”, in a sense, as in, it will be a permanent physical feature of the phone, however, users will be able to toggle software features on and off which effect how the phone displays UI elements around it.
A video from Ynet shows the LG G7 being used and shows the display running in two different modes, one clearly shows the notch as visible, with the homescreen extending up into the two display portions either side of the notch.

The other mode, however, shows the top portion of the display either side of the notch blacked out by a border, which only shows a selection of status indicators, such as time and battery power.

Video of LG G7 (Neo) Hands On Photos & Video Leaked

Reliable tipsters have now suggested that the new LG flagship could be called the LG G7 ThinQ, bringing the AI-based “ThinQ” brand across from the LG V30s ThinQ released earlier this year. The word comes via @evleaks, aka Evan Blass, who posted on Twitter the proposed name and that it would come with AI-driven photo scene-recognition and additional Google Assistant features, just like the LG V30s ThinQ.
Assuming this is true, the earlier rumours that LG would drop the G-series name, and that the new flagship wouldn’t be dubbed the LG G7, are not actually true.
According to a new tip, LG’s next flagship looks to be arriving in May 2018, with the report also revealing specs and prices for the handset. The word comes via local Korean source ETNews, stating that LG will host a launch event in April, after which it will hit shelves the following month. According to the report, local carriers in Korea will be receiving “informal” details of specs and features as early as the week beginning March 19.
The report also reiterates previous ideas of an OLED display with a notch, as well as a spec sheet including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. The storage and memory will reportedly be “upgraded” which indicate both 6GB RAM/64GB storage and 6GB RAM/128GB storage editions. The primary camera is pegged as a dual-16MP affair with the LG V30s AI Camera features (ThinQ) and quad audio converter. Lastly, the battery is mentioned at 3,000mAh.
On the subject of pricing, in Korea it’ll be in Korean Won but translates to around $850-$950.
While the exact name of the not-LG G7 remains a mystery, today we see some render mock-ups based on the most legitimate leaks so far. Prominent designer Ben Geskin has worked in collaboration with Techno Buffalo to produce the following renders, which naturally are not official, but may serve to illustrate what the next LG flagship will look like.

As per LG’s previous flagships and the current trends, the bezel is pushed to the limit by an edge-to-edge display. However, note also that the design incorporates an iPhone X-stlye notch for the front-facing camera and other sensors.

Essentially, it looks rather a lot like the LG V30, but with the notch added for extra display space.

A handset which is alleged to be the LG G7 has leaked, with both hands-on images and specs being posted online. However, there’s a caveat here; although LG is certainly still planning a new flagship, this leak says the handset shown may have been cancelled. Previously we’d heard how LG execs decided they wanted to start over with the new flagship development, possibly canning prior prototypes. What we’re looking at today may or may not be one of those said earlier prototypes. 
This handset, codenamed “Neo” features a screen notch similar to the iPhone X design, although it’s not visible in the picture as the software is hiding it with clever placement of black UI components. The display specs show a 6in OLED wit ha 18.5:9 aspect ratio and a 3,120×1,440 pixel resolution at 572ppi.

The notch houses a front-facing selfie camera, rated at 8MP and with a wide-angle lens. The primary on the rear is a dual-sensor 16MP setup with f/1.6 apertures and OIS in one of these only. You can also see a fingerprint scanner below the camera array.

On the hardware front, the sources say we’re looking at a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with optionally either 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage, or 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. A 3,000mAh battery lurks inside the bodyshell also, and the audo uses DTS:X technology.
Evan Blass (@evleaks) already tipped earlier in February that the new LG flagship coming in 2018 had a working codename “Judy”, and that it will arrive in June this year. He also reiterated that it would not be branded as the LG G7, following rumours that LG would ditch the G brand for something new. 
Leaked specs for Judy include the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and dual-16MP camera setup as the above Neo. However, it’s thought to have a new 6.1in 18:9 MLCD+ display instead of the Neo’s OLED.
“LG G7” Name & Release Date
According to a new report, the LG G7 has not been delayed and development is “on schedule”, but the firm is taking a ‘done when it’s done’ approach and is in no rush.
The word comes via Engadget, which, following claims from the Korea Herald that the handset would be delayed, spoke to an LG representative on the matter.
“Some stories have reported that LG’s mobile division is delaying the release of the G7 in order to reevaluate its performance and design. This is inaccurate. Preparations for the launch of the G6’s successor are on schedule,” said LG’s spokesperson, in a statement.
The Korea Herald had reported that an LG executive, Jo Seong-jin,  ordered “a dramatic redesign of the handset”.
“Apparently, designers were told to stop what they were doing and ‘review the new product from scratch,’ said Engadget.
But LG’s latest statement refutes that claim. However, in spite of that refutation, it would appear to confirm that LG is going to launch the G7 only when it feels it is ready for public consumption.
“LG intends to focus on creating products that will result in meaningful results rather than launching new products on a schedule based solely on industry expectations and traditions,” said LG’s spokesperson. “The release date for G7 is currently under consideration and will be announced when the time is right.”
LG is changing how it brands its flagship phones, meaning the incoming LG G7 will not be called the LG G7 — it will be called something else entirely. That makes it very difficult to talk about, as the only name we really have at the moment is the Not LG G7, which doesn’t exactly work.
The leaked specs and features of the phone will remain the same, however, though the new branding will hopefully help LG secure more fans during 2018.
The company’s V-Series of phones, most notably the V30 of late, have enjoyed a lot of success. If you’ve used or seen either the V20 or the V30, you’ll know why too — they’re fantastic devices and all-around solid performers.
According to an LG official, “LG is preparing a new brand strategy for the G series in the first half of the year. Numbering the phone with a two-digit number and rebranding the phone with a new name are some of the options on the table.”
Either way, it looks like the phone formerly known as the LG G7 by most people will be the first handset to feature this new style of branding.
However, evidence has emerged via LG’s official UK website which implies it may be called the LG G7 after all, or at least here in Blighty if nowhere else. The page which actually mentions the handset by name is buried pretty deeply in LG’s UK-facing web portal; specifically it’s a page which explains LG’s fast-charging features, including those using Qualcomm Quick Charge in particular handsets running Qualcomm chips.
Listed under the Quick Charge 4.0 category, we see a device shown as “Future LG G7”, compared to the LG G6 and LG G5 listed under Quick Charge 3.0. As well as possibly showcasing the LG G7 name, it’s also confirmation that the successor for 2018, whatever it may be called, will run a Qualcomm processor with Quick Charge 4.0 capability, probably thanks to the rumoured Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 it’s said to be running.

Of course this isn’t 100% concrete evidence. It is possible LG has changed its mind back to the LG G7 name, or that misinformation was spread before. However, it’s also possible that this page and its text was penned before the decision was made to drop the LG G7 name and it simply hasn’t been edited yet. It’s worth noting the original source url no longer works, so the above screenshot will have to suffice.
The LG G6 successor, at least according to the most recent leaked details, is expected to arrive in April.
“LG G7” Design & Display
A render has been published by TigerMobiles allegedly showing LG’s next flagship, whatever it may be called, which is pegged for a release in April. The image shows the top and bottom bezels are thinner than on the LG G6 and the side bezels are practically non-existent, meaning LG has apparently enlarged the display panel even more while figuring out a way to trim the bodyshell down further.

This means the screen-to-body ratio will be insanely high, possibly in that 90% territory that Samsung was apparently aiming for with the Galaxy S9 series. Additionally, the screen aspect ratio will be an 18:9 FullVision. We can also see two sensor ports above the display; this could be a dual-sensor front-facing camera, but equally may be a single-sensor camera and an iris scanner, or some other sensor type. There’s a pair of keys on the phone’s left flank which look like a volume rocker setup. We can’t see the back panel, so we don’t know about the primary camera setup, or the possible presence of a fingerprint-scanner. What’s weird is the absence of a power key.
An iris scanner is already rumoured for the next LG flagship, along with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with Qualcomm QuickCharge 4.0 capability.
TigerMobiles doesn’t mention where this render came from, so we’ve no idea of its possible authenticity at this stage. Therefore, take this all with a pinch of salt.
“LG G7” Specs, Hardware & Features
The next big LG release will not be called the LG G7. It is currently codenamed Judy, and word on the street suggests it will launch in June – so quite a bit later than usual.
Beyond this, the handset is tipped to feature some rather nifty new display tech. According to reports, the handset will feature a 6.1in display that will use LG’s new MLCD+ screen technology that will use 35% less power (compared to IPS LCD ones) while kicking out 800-nit with respect to brightness.
As for the rest of the specs, you’re looking at?
Qualcomm 845 CPU 
4GB of RAM
16MP dual-camera on rear 
IP68 water resistance 
Stereo Speakers 
Wireless Charging
There have not been any leaks of what the handset looks like just yet, but this will likely change in the coming weeks and months.
According to a new report, the LG G7 will feature an advanced iris scanner technology similar to what Samsung has aboard the Galaxy S8 series and Galaxy Note 8.
The technology was noticed in an LG patent, picked up by LetsGoDigital, which shows an “all-in-one” design capable of functioning in different lighting conditions and which would also incoprorate the phone’s normal front-facing camera sensor.
This would appear to be something like the all-in-one sensor LG debuted at 2016’s Korea Electronics Show (KES), which has never appeared in a commercially released device since.
The patent also seems to show a few additional flourishes LG has introduced, one example requires the user to follow a series of dots on the screen – a bit like the current pattern unlock where you swipe with a finger, but here you would move your eye to follow the pattern. This kind of “active” retina scanning with a moving eye means someone cannot break into the phone just by holding up a static image of your eye.

Iris scanners can only work by lighting up the eye in front of them with a type of infrared light, this way an accompanying camera sensor can capture incredibly high-detail images of the iris, including features you simply can’t capture with regular light (from an LED flash, for example). 
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 feautres a second front-facing camera (not incorporated as an all-in-one lens would be on the LG G7), which is only there for iris scanning, as it has been designed to operate with infrared light. Regular cameras tend to filter infrared out as it can reduce photo quality. So it’s interesting that LG may be planning to combine the two.
According to the LGD report, LG may be using a method where the sensor array can switch light filters, meaning it would be a regular camera filtering out infrared, until it needs to perform iris scanning duties, at which point the filter would be deactivated.

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