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By Tanner Dedmon
– April 1, 2018

Kingdom Come: Deliverance players are getting loot boxes and horse skins before too long, or at least that’s what Warhorse Studios led players to believe with an announcement about a fake update.
Joining in on the April Fool’s Day fun, the developers teased players with a new update that would certainly undermine the realism aspect that Kingdom Come: Deliverance is built on. Sharing a message on Facebook, Warhorse Studios said teased players by saying that the loot boxes and horse skins would be added in Patch 1.5.
“We are happy to announce that Patch 1.5. is going to add Lootboxes and Horse Skins to #KingdomComeDeliverance,” the post read on Facebook.
A similar message was also shared on Twitter that included some word choices that gamers might expect to see from companies who defend loot boxes in games with phrases like “enhance the experience in our games” being used.

Patch 1.5 is going to add Lootboxes & Horse Skins to #KingdomComeDeliverance. “We believe services which include optional digital monetization, when done properly can provide a very important element of choice which can extend and enhance the experience in our games” #WOWhorse™
— Warhorse Studios (@WarhorseStudios) April 1, 2018

The tweet also included the WOWhorse tag at the end, a tool that the Facebook post previewed as a social media plugin that players can use to further spread their personal information.
“Seamlessly connected via special WOWhorse™ social media plugin you will now be able to share your personal data even more efficiently for a truly fulfilling experience!” the post continued.
Daniel Vávra, the founder of Warhorse Studios, joined in on the joke by saying that there would also be an auto-aim system for the bow as well as a feature that automatically picked locks. These two mechanics have been ones that players have discussed in the past as some of the more difficult areas of the game, so they’re easy additions to the parody patch. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is also well-known for its mod support, and Vávra also joked that paid mods would soon become a part of the game as well.

We will also add bow auto aiming system and auto lockpicking that never fails. It will be part of a loot box for affordable 39.90.
— Daniel Vávra ⚔ (@DanielVavra) April 1, 2018

Oh! And I completely forgot PAID MODS! You give us your mod and we will sell it for friendly 9.99!
— Daniel Vávra ⚔ (@DanielVavra) April 1, 2018

Some players weren’t completely opposed to the idea of getting horse skins and loot boxes, but for now, players will just have to wait to see everything that’s actually included in Patch 1.5 when the next update is eventually released.

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