Huawei is creating competition within its own company based on different users.
The debate over the Huawei P20 vs. Mate 10 phones may not be a difficult one for a buyer, based on recent comments from CEO Richard Yu. The focus of the two different series from Huawei is on what type of user should have each phone. Each of these models provides different functions and features, with the newest phones set to really try to take over image capture. With the P20 set to arrive in just a few days, Yu spoke about the new handset as well as the Mate “phablets” and who should get them into their hands.
In a recent report from Techradar, it’s noted that the Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro phones arrived just five months ago and now Huawei is unveiling another new series of phones with the P20. This is similar to what Samsung has done with the Galaxy S and Galaxy Notes, as they’ve provided several different series of smartphones within their same company, aimed at different types of users. The same goal is apparent with Huawei based on their CEO Richard Yu’s comments, as he mentioned that the Mate series is a “phablet” high-end phone aimed at business users. However, the P series is for a different user.

Huawei P20 and P20 Pro prices in Europe leak
— The Verge (@verge) March 19, 2018

Yu said of the new Huawei P phones,
“But [with the] P series we care more about establishing new design and a new camera – [we’re] especially focused on the camera.
“The P series is more focused on fashion, on the younger user, [with a] new disruptive camera experience.”
There could be as many as three different smartphones in the P20 series. The P20 and P20 Lite may have just two cameras on the rear of their design. It’s been rumored that there could be three rear cameras on the new P20 Pro model phone with the potential for a 40 megapixels quality of one of the cameras.
This could help Huawei capture younger users more interested in social media and taking pics or videos rather than those users who want a gadget for business or productivity reasons. In addition, it may help the Chinese company compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple better as these companies continue to try to improve upon their smartphone camera specs and capabilities.

The new Huawei P20 series smartphones are set to arrive on Tuesday, March 27. Rumors from a report published via Verge suggest a price of about $835 for the P20, with the P20 Pro going for just over $1,100.




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