MGT613 : Production / Operations Management

MGT613 Production / Operations Management – Quiz No. 03, Jan 10 to Jan 12, 2017

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    1. The concept of agile organization refers to:

    Quick Response


    2. Which one of the following is the focus of predetermined motion time system?

    Individual human motions that are used in a job task

    Determining the length of time it will take to undertake a particular task
    Determining the amount of time a worker spends on various activities
    Providing standard times for micro motions such as reach, move and release

    3. Which one of the following is a measure of productivity that involves measuring inputs and outputs using a common unit of measurement?



    4. The companies that are competing on cost, their chance to gain the competitive advantage over their competitors is:
    Based on flexibility
    Based on uniqueness of their products
    Based on reliability of scheduling

    Based upon low cost leadership

    5. Manufacturability is the ease of fabrication and or assembly which is important for:
    Cost and productivity
    Productivity and quality
    Cost and quality

    Cost, productivity and quality

    6. Which of the following is an assumption of center of gravity method?
    The quantity to be shipped is variable

    The quantity to be shipped is fixed

    The quantity carries no value
    The quantity to be shipped should be extraordinarily high

    7. Which one of the following formula or function can be used to measure the performance?
    Flexibility + profit + operations
    Work + profit + value
    Profit + speed + work

    Quality + speed + flexibility

    8. Which one of the following is an example of site related factors that affect location decisions?


    Quality of life
    Location of new markets
    Location of raw materials

    9. Which one of the following is a curve showing failure rate over time?
    Cost curve

    Bath tub curve

    Fish bone diagram
    Reliability curve

    10. The forecasting model that is based upon estimates of salesperson’s expected sales is likely to be called:
    Delphi method

    Sales force combination

    Consumer market survey
    Panel of executive opinion

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