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    Discussion Question MCM301

    Group Meetings have two core purposes: to present information and to solve problems. Apparently both purposes ensue in all these type of meetings. But it has been observed that some members do not show their consensus on the issues in decision making process during these meetings. So the achievement of mentioned purposes can be possible or not.

    What is your viewpoint in this regard? Discuss it with the help of pros and cons of group meetings along with the example of such meetings.

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    Idea Solution for GDB of MCM301
    I have seen many TV programs, and admire so many actors as anchor person. As far as a best personality anchor person is concerned, I think Dr. Shahid Masood is one of the best Anchor on Television. He is the Gem and he knows, how to deliver the information to the relevant audience. He knows, how’s to maintain the interest of the audience. Every day, he comes up with the new topic new questions to discuss, then he keeps interesting by audience, by asking questions and saying think about it or tell me by yourself, how? These are the few tact, which keep the audience connected with the TV and with his show too. Like His body language always give the impression that he wants to give a clear image of the things to the audience. He comes up with a very authentic information, which makes him reliable towards the different audience. His way of evaluating the information is very impressing, he gives authentic news and he is very much clear in his point of view.

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